A Frantic Baaing

The day began in fairly bright sunshine and gradually deteriorated in afternoon rain which didn’t bother me because I was watching the BBC transmission of the Six Nations rugby match between Scotland and Ireland.

Before then Jackie and I took a forest drive.

Suggesting that they may have heard the weather forecast, most ponies appeared to be staying safely hidden until we arrived at

Charles’s Lane and its accompanying woodland, where, accompanied by sweet birdsong sometimes competing with the clanking roar of cars crossing a cattle grid; the graunching of gear changes when suddenly encountering animals on the road; the whirring of bicycle wheels; the thudding of hooves on the turf or their clanking on the tarmac, a small group foraged until, as we left the vicinity, they decided to meander off ahead of us.

When Jackie parked the Modus against the entrance to a farm field so that I could photograph

daffodils on the verge of Beckley Common Road

the air was rent by a frantic baaing as a flock of sheep dashed from the far side of their pasture towards the restraining wire, no doubt in the disappointed expectation of feeding time.

After the match, I recovered the pictures and provided headers for the following posts featuring our arrival at Old Post House in April 2014:

It has been long on my mind to add a category entitled Garden. This will involve renaming some Uncategorised posts, this being the first.

The garden is mentioned in this one, yet it is far more about the practicalities of the move, so its category remains unchanged.

Although the header picture is from the garden, the main thrust of the post is the same as the one above, so there is no change of category.

This evening we all dined on oven fish and chips, onion rings, garden peas, pickled onions and gherkins, with which Jackie and I both drank Poggio Civitelle Orvieto 2021.


  1. I loved all the sounds in this post, along with the photos. I’ve never seen a field full of running sheep in real life.
    Number 11 Pony looks like he/she had some choice words for you, Derrick.

    1. It is probably a good thing I don’t speak pony, Merril. You have inspired me to pay attention to sounds. Thank you very much

  2. I loved seeing the pony images, so many today, and always a treat.
    Sheep always associate a visitor, a vehicle with another round of feeding. Such a pity these ladies were disappointed.

    1. I did feel mean – as I always do when ponies and donkeys are hopeful. Thanks very much, Sue

      1. If ever I stop at the top of the drive near the farm gate, the sheep come running (when they’re here), but if I hang over the garden wall I’m virtually ignored. They’re used to food arriving from that area.

  3. Ah, yes! Daffodils are always a welcome sign – although here the days are shortening and we’ll wait another six months. I’d be interested in the breed of sheep. They don’t look to be an exceptionally common breed!

  4. Dinner sounded like a tasty treat, can’t beat a good piece of fish accompanied by chips. The horse images are lovely to view.

  5. AW! Those sheepy faces! They do look dismayed! ๐Ÿ™ Their rumbling-hungry tummies caused them to baa frantically…they were hoping you had something yummy to share with them! ๐Ÿ™‚
    HA! A couple of those ponies do look like they had something to say to you! ๐Ÿ™‚
    (((HUGS))) and yay for the beautiful daffodils! ๐Ÿ™‚

  6. funny you mention fish and chips, the other day I saw the item on the menu and realized its been ages since I’ve had fish and chips… and now .. you’ve mentioned them..maybe .. I need to shop.. the fries I can do .. but battered fish.. hmmm frozen section at the grocery store.. I do have a bag of food to drop off at the food bank drop off…. thanks again …

  7. Yes, I think the baaing of sheep must rank very high on the list of the sounds of the country, but nowhere near as high as a Range Rover being driven over a cattle grid.

  8. I’m always interested in your sheep, since they’re so uncommon here. I saw a few this weekend, shorn already, and it took a moment for me to decide what they were.

  9. Derrick, although you see the ponies often, I sense you enjoy them each new time. I know that I enjoy the photos. However, I would get a bit irritated having to drive behind them???? . Who won the match?

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