Ready For Spring

In bright, warm, sunshine this morning Martin cleared more of last year’s dead garden material.

Here he works around the patio and Dead End Path;

The Pond Bed is now ready for new growth,

such as the tree peony in the Palm Bed, to emerge.

Daffodils, for example the tête-à-têtes, are really proliferating.

Summer and Autumn seasonal statues continue to gather lichen,

while Florence casts her shadow across the Shady Path.

Hellebores are beginning to hold up their heads; berberis, sometimes somewhat nibbled lingers on; and a hyacinth which began life in a gift pot returns year after year.

This afternoon, I facilitated enlargement and provided header pictures for the following posts:

Essentially what I am doing with these Classic Edits is converting them to Blocks.

Elizabeth visited this afternoon toting a large bag of very good clothes for Ellie which had once served Ella or Jack. She stayed for cups of tea and conversation including swapping recommendations of TV programmes.

Later the rest of us dined on flavoursome pork bangers and creamy mash with tender cabbage, crunchy carrots, fried onions, and meaty gravy. Jackie drank Hoegaarden and I drank more of the Shiraz.


  1. Spring heralds the coming of better days. Although here in NZ often a storm. And as you’ve probably noted from my blog. Bigger and harsher weather kept on arriving during summer. Now it’s Autumn…Most days are still summery.

    1. Unfortunately we haven’t yet been able to complete the set. Thanks very much, Linda

  2. Looks great, Derrick. Such a good feeling to have the yard and gardens cleared out and ready for spring and beyond! We just did that yesterday ????

  3. YAY! Spring will be welcome when it shows up here!
    I love seeing the beautiful statue-girls!
    Hand-me-down clothes are so wonderful for the next little-one to enjoy! How nice of Ella and Jack to share with Ellie!
    PS…Always fun to spot a garden owl or owls!

  4. Lovely to be able to get out and about in the garden Derrick… Everything starting to bloom and push through… Oh for the weather here to stop raining, would be nice… But most heavy chores Hubby got done, digging on the plot etc… I was able to get in our home garden for a few hours the two weeks ago and clear out the debris… So we could see the crocuses pushing through lol..
    Sending warm hugs to you both..
    Love Sue x <3

  5. Nice shot of the tete a tetes, Martin’s smile, and looking over Florence’s shoulder. I’m glad Ellie got the bag of clothes from her older relatives. I remember it being fun to go through such gifts.

    1. Thanks you very much, JoAnna. It was fun – and well timed because Ellie had grown out of much else

  6. Your spring garden looks beautiful, Derrick and Jackie! Martin is a hard worker, and I am glad he is there to help.

    Lichens are hard workers too, and they are hard at work on those statues.

  7. A garden clearing before spring is an excellent idea. Today summer is thumbing its nose at the approaching autumn by potentially heating us up to 34’C!

  8. It looks like a delightful day, Derrick. Martin seems to be a very cheerful person–though I’m sure he’s happy to be working on a beautiful spring day.
    Today was the first morning I heard a real pre-dawn robin choir singing.

  9. Spring has sprung in my neck of the woods, even with the recent cold snap. The pink buds are attracting birds and bees. I love this time of the year.

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