“I’ll Have A Copy Of That”

Despite yesterday’s rain the Head Gardener drove to Otter Nurseries clutching vouchers for special offers of seven different items. One of these was for 10 fifty litre bags of compost. The helpful staff had stuffed these all into the Modus. Unfortunately they did not offer to unload them at this end. That was my taskContinue reading ““I’ll Have A Copy Of That””

Magnolia Time

This afternoon Jackie drove us into the forest. The gardens of Sway featured a flowing stream beyond a lichen tattooed tree in Mead End Road; a pink magnolia towering over a hedge in Adlam’s Lane; a magnolia stellata competing with a variegated privet in Brighton Road; and another pink one stating its ascendancy over aContinue reading “Magnolia Time”

Spring In Sight

Today began our first serious joint preparation for 2016 garden work. This view of the Heligan Path shows early spring flowers sharing billets with hellebores. Wherever we look there are snowdrops in profusion; many different daffodils; a variety of crocuses; and even a proud pink hyacinth. Taking the occasional rest on the Heligan Path bench,Continue reading “Spring In Sight”

Back In Time For Bargain Hunt

We now have quite a variety of daffodils in the garden. Here are some new ones: Once they start turning an attractive ochre colour, the camellias developĀ an additional beauty. Numerous different pansies, some newly planted, some having prospered through the winter, enjoyed a warm, sunny day. Hyacinths are really indoor plants, but it is alwaysContinue reading “Back In Time For Bargain Hunt”