Nothing Here And Attempt Block Recovery

I discovered an unpleasant occurrence in the front garden yesterday. A blockage in the septic tank piping had been enough to push up a mound of detritus sufficient to shove the manhole on top of it. I had not been in that corner since before Christmas. Fortunately Greg Mouland, of Mouland Drainage was able to visit and clear it this morning. The culprit was rusty iron dropping from another decades old manhole half way down the track into the pipes below. Greg was pleasant, efficient and left the area jet washed clean.

The three earlier posts for which I recovered the pictures today were as follows:

The first two of these were the “Nothing Here” type where clicking on an image reveals that notice. The third was of the “Attempt Block Recovery” variety. I also recategorised it as Books.

Later I read more of Balzac and published

Becky returned home to Southbourne early this evening and the rest of us dined on tender roast chicken and green beans with Jackie’s colourful savoury rice, with which she drank Hoegaarden and I drank more of the Nero di Troia.


  1. We’ve also had our fair share of blockages leading to the septic tank.
    I’m glad your problems were sorted quickly and efficiently.

  2. Oh, gosh! and UGHS! But so glad that septic tank blockage was taken care of!
    Sound like a day of blocks, blocks, and more blocks. 🙂
    I might’ve sat down on the floor and played with some toy blocks, just for a fun break. HA!

  3. When we were house hunting in France, I swerved anything with a septic tank. Since we ended up in an apartment, there’s even less maintenance to worry about.

  4. After having dealt with our own septic problems, I was delighted to read that yours were easily and quickly fixed. An adorable picture of Michael. Sweet little nose.

  5. Always something, it seems! We’re still dealing with water intrusion in one of our bathrooms which has been ongoing for 9 months!

  6. So glad you had a helper Johnny-in-the-Spot to help you with your leakage. Where would we be without those talented service men& women?

    1. Thanks very much, Ribana. It doesn’t always work. I’m getting more help tomorrow

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