Shedding Shag Pile

Scudding clouds mottled promising skies over Downton at dawn this morning. The first two of these images show the trees in our back garden; the third looks east along Christchurch Road.

By midday darkening clouds had largely squeezed out azure skies, after Jackie and I had shopped in a well stocked supermarket where the middle aisles surrendered a stair gate and a white Livergy XL cotton T shirt sporting a Lidl logo.

Ponies beginning to shed their winter shag pile cropped grass in woodland bordering Forest Road.

The pivotal post I converted to block editing, changing the header picture, and adding three more photographs taken by Vivien, will be largely familiar to my longer term readers, but informative to my most recent ones.

This evening we all dined on pork spare ribs in barbecue sauce, with Jackie’s colourful savoury rice and even more colourful fried peppers, with which I finished the Pays d’Oc with no assistance from anyone else.


  1. Finishing the Pays d’Oc with no assistance from anyone else sounds delightful with that scrumptious meal! I’d have helped you finish it if I’d been there!! As always I thoroughly enjoyed seeing your pony photos. You have such an abundance of interesting, photogenic animals in your area. What a blessing! Thanks for sharing, Hugs to you & Jackie. <3 <3

  2. Wow, those moody clouds are puttin’ on a show for you! And you’ve photographed them beautifully!
    What sweet self-barbering equines!
    I remember shag carpet! 😉 HA!
    Your evening meal sounds colourfully delicious!
    PS…”Clouds are the sky’s imagination.” – Terri Guillemets.

    1. Thanks again, Carolyn. Jackie says “Probably broken, still very swollen, hurts” X

  3. I have a friend with horses who also have begun to change their coats, but the most dramatic shedding I’ve ever seen was on bison. My goodness, those animals have tremendous amounts of hair — so much so that some collect it and have rugs woven from it, just as they would from sheep or llamas.

  4. I presume that the ponies’ winter coats eventually finish up on the ground, bit by bit, so the chances are that a lot of it will be used in birds’ nests. Nature is a lot better than us at recycling!

  5. Such a lot of glorious pony images today, they do look funny when they begin to lose their winter coats.
    I’m glad you showed the photos of you and Michael. It must have been an absolute nightmare for you. You were both far too young to suffer such tragedy.

  6. As always, I enjoy taking in my ponies and donkeys. But it was good to see your Michael again. The world lost him all too soon.

    1. Your Michael and Derrick’s Michael both left this world too soon, GP.

      I seem to not be able to like posts or comments for the most part now due to some automated WP “Like” policing software problem. Hopefully the problem will get resolved.

  7. I remember that post Derrick. Little Michael was adorable. His tree is still doing well here and the daffodils are coming up.

    It is always a pleasure to see the ponies and those dramatic skies! One of the white ponies looks very thin coming out of the winter, or he or she might begetting old.

    1. Fully understood, Dolly. And relieved that you are OK. Thanks for letting me know, which will stop me being concerned

  8. No assistance needed. Ha ha ha! Pedro and I are wrapping up a dry March and I am looking forward to my drinking days again. Sadly, I must wait till April 5 because I spent the first four days of March celebrating Margaret’s birthday with much champagne.

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