Rugby And Recovery

Before watching the Women’s Six Nations rugby matches between Wales and Ireland, and between England and Scotland on BBC iPlayer this afternoon, I recovered the following two posts:

The first was of the Attempt Block Recovery variety, to which I added the Header picture; the second, Convert to Blocks in which I changed the Header.

Later, I published

This evening we all dined on tasty roast gammon and kumara potatoes; creamy mashed potato and swede; juicy ratatouille; crunchy carrots; and tender Sweetheart cabbage, with which Jackie drank Hoegaarden and I drank Mendoza Malbec 2021.


    1. Thanks very much, Merril. One of the Scots team was Merril Smith. She was quite good.

          1. Thank you, Derrick.
            I would be very surprised to find someone with my name who looks like me!
            I took my husband’s last name, Smith.

  1. Oh, Derrick … our similarities continue … “A Knight’s Tale #113” … my battles with hospital medics were both frustrating and continuous during the 30 years of her serious MS …

  2. Another productive day. Your supper sounds delicious. My supper was French bread and pâté, and just like you I enjoyed a couple of glasses of Malbec.

    Something very odd this morning. I am suddenly receiving notifications of every comment on your blog!

    1. My late brother, Chris, when first explaining the game to Jackie in the ’60s, said “You have to go forward to cross the line, but you can only do it by throwing it backwards”. Thanks very much, Linda

      1. Well, that’s — interesting. One of these rainy days I’ll look for some video clips and see what the game actually looks like on the field!

  3. Congrats on recovering 2 important writings! I wish I could recover the writing from xanga days! Rugby and eating swede(?) are such foreign concepts to my American brain!

  4. Wasn’t “Tenacity” or “Persistence” the word you chose for 2023? It was something like that… and you certainly are living up to it!!

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