Droll Tales 17

There is no illustration by Mervyn Peake in the Folio Society edition of the 7th of the second Decade of these tales, entitled “An Expensive Night of Love”.

This publisher is perhaps choosing to head the story unambiguously, unlike the publishers of Gustave Doré (The Dear Night of Love)

or of Jean de Bosschère (A Dear Night of Love), each of whom follows the example of the double entendre style of the author, Honoré de Balzac, who, with his usual clever, fluent, prose, conveys descriptions of manipulation of events and romantic dalliance conducted, before the protagonists are able to come to grips with each other, by means of lustful glances and gestures to rival those of Tom Finney and Joyce Redman in

Further details of each of these publications is given in https://derrickjknight.com/2023/01/06/droll-tales-1/except that the second Decade is published by New York’s Covici, Friede in 1929. It is America’s first edition thus and is a limited copy. The illustrations are not protected by tissue but the book’s condition is good and covered by a cellophane wrapper. 


    1. Absolutely. Thank you very much, Pat. Writers should encourage the reader to think with imagination

  1. Doré’s faces are quite expressive.

    I remember watching Tom Jones on TV. I was child, and I thought it was amusing. Now I hope the actors didn’t have to do multiple takes of that scene. 🙂

  2. Presentable men and women are genetically coded to gravitate towards each other. Elements of propriety, faithfulness, cruelty and emancipation are disabling blocks to the evolutionary urge. Double entendres may be crude but in no way inferior enablers than polished seduction if they succeed in the ultimate goal.

  3. I presume the “lustful glances and gestures” are not from the same Tom Finney who played football for Preston North End and England in the 1950s?
    I’m sure that “The Preston Plumber” was the sort of chap to do that kind of thing!

  4. Fascinating faces! Especially by Doré.
    HA! or EW! or OOH! on the Lusty Dining! I guess one’s response would depend on how they felt about their fellow diner! 😉 Love the “running music” toward the end…then, candle out! 😉

  5. The video was hilarious, and yes, I think that kind of appeal by the authors was used well. A person’s imagination can take it anywhere they want to, and the lack of details becomes an advantage. Although I was thinking how stuffed I would be after all that food….ha haha.

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