Ponies On The Move

This morning, while on a daffodil dead-heading session.

I also pulled up swathes of Sticky Willies along the Back Drive. These sinuous weeds climb everywhere and if not deracinated will reach the tops of the highest shrubs, bearing clusters of white flowers.

Afterwards I wandered back with the camera on this overcast morning.

The daffodils have been late to bloom and struggled to linger this year, but there were still quite a few to dead head.

The forget-me-nots sharing that first daffodil picture, like those accompanying the Spanish bluebells in the first of the next trio of images, proliferate in the garden; as do the English/Spanish hybrids.

Honesty is cropping up everywhere, as in the Patio Bed and behind the mossy stumpery with its yellow cowslips.

Lichen blooming on the bench beneath the pieris on the lawn, and bleeding hearts on the West Bed managed to add splashes of colour.

This afternoon the sun did put in fairly regular appearances, so Jackie and I took a forest drive,

where it set the gorse glowing on the moorland flanking Wilverley Road, up which

a group of energetic ponies trotted at an unusual pace for them.

I had hoped that they would pause for a drink in the pool, but they were more interested in slowing the traffic.

Further down the hill another pony did slake its thirst, while

others continued trotting through the undergrowth.

This afternoon we all dined on well cooked pork chops coated with almonds and mustard; with creamy mashed potato; crunchy carrots, and succulent peppers, with which Jackie drank Hoegaarden and I drank more of the Shiraz.


  1. Your ponies look unusually energetic. I’m impressed how many of the plants in your garden you can name. As always, dinner sounded wonderful. Does Jackie hire out?

    1. Thanks very much, Pat. You are right – they were particularly energetic today – a rare sight. Jackie has her work cut out with us 🙂

  2. Wow… My daffodils haven’t even shown their face, never mind dead-heading them! I love how our climates are so different. And I love those ponies…

  3. I didn’t realise we needed to deadhead daffodils! The ones Graham planted along the lane are dying off but a beautiful large bunch at the bottom of the driveway is only just beginning to bloom, normally they all bloom together.

    Lovely pony pictures.

    1. I hadn’t either. Jackie has always done it on her way round without me noticing. It ensures that the bulbs get the benefit of the stems – seeds take longer to proliferate. Thanks very much, Sue

  4. How good to sense a cheerfulness underlying this post and reflected in the pictures. I hope you are both well and filled with renewed energy.

  5. Some great pictures, but my favourite bit was “Honesty is cropping up everywhere”. Compared to what I see on the news the irony was so great I laughed out loud.

  6. Such beauty!
    Ha! Love that honesty is cropping up everywhere. That tickled me, but it would certainly be seriously great it were happening in politics, etc.
    Love love love the pony photos! Absolutely amazing! Especially the 2 in action just for you!
    (((HUGS))) ❤️
    PS…read my comment as if they were sprinkled with smiley faces.

  7. I was happy to see I wasn’t the only one who didn’t know daffodils should be deadheaded. Well, we will have our work cut out for us next spring! I supposed tulips, too.
    I also laughed at the honesty remark.
    I love the ponies and the glowing gorse–both in your stunning final/header photo.

  8. Always enjoy the ponies and garden pics. The daffodil was a beautiful shot. Hope you’re having an excellent weekend. Rainy and chilly here…London weather (whatever that is)

  9. The pair of white ponies is splendid. It certainly deserved to be featured. The primary focus on the leading pony is especially effective.

  10. I enjoyed the virtual walk through your garden, Derrick and Jackie. Our daffodils were late to bloom as well, and are now struggling to linger in warmer weather. It was 88 degrees here yesterday!

    The forest drive with that beautiful expanse of gorse was a treat. The ponies are looking sleek now in their new summer coats.

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