Garden Flowers

This afternoon I watched the Women’s Six Nations rugby matches between England and France and between Wales and Italy. I lost a bet on the first game, the penalty being that I have buy a curry.

During the half time break in that contest I photographed a few flowers in the garden. Each image is entitled in the gallery. They include Welsh poppies, daisies, tulips Lilac Wonder, rhododendron buds, Camass,hellebores, euphorbia, wallflowers, heuchera leaves, and libertia.

Later I converted the last two posts of May 2014 from Classic to Block edits and changed their categories to Garden:

This evening we all dined on pizzas and fresh salad, with which I did not imbibe because I had drunk Doom Bar while watching the rugby.


    1. That’s because I don’t want to spoil it for those who are waiting to watch recordings. Perhaps I can be cryptic and say I was happy I lost 🙂 Thanks very much, GP

  1. Beautiful but productive day…flowers, sports and pizza.
    This morning here feels like gale force winds, but daylight not completely up, managed today’s list options yesterday.

  2. Ha! Enjoy the curry! (I like those kinds of bets! With my Dad it was always for an ice cream cone. )
    I love how the sun highlighted the gorgeous garden flowers! Love Euphorbia’s and Cammasia’s portraits! I think Cammasia is in the Asparagus family. What cool name…Cammasia Asparagus! (wink, wink!)
    Any leftover pizza or salad? If so, pass it my way, please!
    (((HUGS))) ❤️???? ❤️???? ❤️

  3. Beautiful flowers! I especially like the Cammasia with it’s little stars. Since you had pizza and salad rather than curry, does that mean you won?

    1. I lost – I won’t yet say who won the match. The curry will be an outing with Becky and Ian 🙂 Thanks very much, JoAnna

  4. A lot of your garden flowers seem to be open quite early in the season, are you in a favourable micro-climate wherever you are in the UK?

    1. Yes, Denzil. We are between Hampshire’s New Forest and the coast beside the Isle of Wight. Thanks very much

  5. What a beautiful selection of flowers, Derrick and Jackie! It is good to see your rhodie buds. Sigh. The deer attacked our rhodies this winter. One of them may be dead now.

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