The Latest Addition

After a Tesco shopping trip this morning Jackie and I took a drive into the forest.

Someone on Sandy Down has recently installed a new fence snaking up round the bend.

Others enjoy rhododendrons – mature pink blooms high in their garden, and for others newer white ones along the verges which also

harbour plentiful golden dandelions and buttercups and white daisies.

In her comments on yesterday’s post Jooles told me about the new addition to the Pilley village herd, so

we just had to go in search of him. While his mother did her best to ignore his nuzzling attempts at suckling she chomped away trying to put flesh back on over her ribs.

This evening we all dined on burgers, chips, sweetcorn on the cob, pickled onions and gherkins, and baked beans, with which Jackie drank Hoegaarden and I drank more of the excellent Shiraz.


  1. You had quite a lovely drive–and day, it seems. The mom should be proud of her beautiful baby!
    Corn on the cob sounds so summery!

  2. Glad to see you found the newbie
    He’s an absolute beauty!
    I might just have to leave my gate open !

  3. A lovely forest day! Oh, my goodness! Congrats on the new equine-baby! What a beauty!
    The new fence looks good!
    OH! Dandelions and buttercups and white daisies!!! Such friendly flowery flowers!

  4. That foal is gorgeous. I’m glad you found it. I’ll bet it’s even more handsome in person. It’s remarkably fresh and clean. It’s interesting to see the slight color difference in manes between mother and youngster.

  5. Oh my, what a gorgeous colt! I love his coloring. Wish I could be there with you and Jackie enjoying some of that Shiraz with you!

  6. Foals in the Forest season! Thank you and Jackie for going to look for that adorable little one. Yes, I bet the mares will be looking to recover some weight lost over the winter.

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