Dead Heading, Weeding, Garden Views

In order to provide detail of the ending of this short story, following requests from several readers, this morning I posted

Today’s sunrise was bright – for a while.

The day progressed in a changeable manner – overcast until rain put a stop to my sporadic weeding and dead-heading; heavy rain;

sunny spells, enabling me to inspect the views with my camera – then more of the same varieties.

All these pictures bear titles in the gallery. The first is Flo’s Fairy Garden in progress; others include wallflowers, bluebells, Welsh poppies, magnolia Vulcan, Jackie’s recent planting of the iron urn, budding rhododendrons, Japanese Maple, tellima grandiflora, cammasia, and various beds.

This evening we all dined on baked gammon; roasted potatoes, including kumara, carrots, and runner beans, with which Jackie drank Hoegaarden and I drank Cumulus Climbing Shiraz 2018.


  1. Beautiful photos as always, Derrick! The UK has so much rain, and we need rain so badly way over here. ????

  2. Love Flo’s sweet fairy garden!
    OOH! Your flower photos are filled with fabulously phenomenal pulchritudinous pigments of colour!
    I always find joy in spotting the garden owls!
    PS…thanks for sharing the end to the story for us!

  3. I love the Fairy garden. I began one during Covid but gave up on it. I think it’s time to begin again.

  4. The Japanese maple is very good value. I am sorry about your weather. Very untypically we seem to have been a lot drier than you lately.

  5. The name alone made me look up the Cumulus Climbing Shiraz. At first, I gasped at the price — then I saw that it was for a six-bottle case. Then I saw that it’s sold out in their online store and not available locally — count yourself lucky that you have a bottle!

  6. Oh my, two foods that are unknown to me. So I looked up gammon. It’s ham!!!! My goodness, those words are a bit similar. Beautiful garden, and I always love the fairies.

    1. Thank you very much, Luanne. I’m always pleased to add to a lexicon

  7. We are having similar weather. Your garden is beautiful in any weather and in every season.
    I think “fairy garden in progress” could be a title. 🙂

  8. Your gardens are coming along nicely, and I am glad you had Martin to help with getting things ready for he summer. I love the lacy leaf red ornamental maple. I have two here that were tiny seedlings when I found them. One seems to be thriving, the other we shall see. I think there is an emerging leaf bud on the side of its tiny trunk..

      1. My pleasure. I just love seeing pictures of it. Inspires me to figure out what to do with my mess!

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