Rapid-Fire Heavy Showers

This morning I converted three more posts from Classic to Block edits. These were:

I gave the first of these a different header picture;

Wayback Machine was useful for the second. The correct pictures were all in my iMac Photos on the relevant date, but since they were missing in the post I didn’t know which of those I had published. Wayback provided the answer. One image was irrelevant, so I deleted it.

I was encouraged by a phone call from James of Peacock Computers saying that he and Owen are continuing to work on some of the issues and tackling the posts from the most recent backwards, whereas I am working forwards from the older ones. This means we are quite well coordinated.

This afternoon I ventured out on a dead heading session but was

soon driven in by the first of a series of rapid-fire heavy showers, spattering patio paving and windowpanes with explosive precipitation.

I read some of Lawrence Durrell’s novel Justine which I had begun a few days ago, then nipped out during a moderation of the deluge to finish the gardening task.

Between periods of darkening cloud sunlight buffed the surface of the

dripping plant pearls, with enough respite for me to capture them with my camera. As usual, each image in the gallery bears a title.

Within seconds after each deluge the brooding skies would change to cloud-scudded cerulean blue.

This evening we all dined on Jackie’s classic cottage pie; firm carrots and Brussel’s sprouts with which she drank Hoegaarden and I finished the Bardolino.


  1. Now that is very good news about James and Owen.
    I’m still ploughing on with revamping tasks on the old dormant site. Changing my mind on themes and making silly errors

  2. I enjoyed your poetic lines “Within seconds after each deluge the brooding skies would change to cloud-scudded cerulean blue.” … well done Derrick

  3. The raindrops are lovely on the flowers. Your header photo is especially exquisite! I’m glad you have well-coordinated computer help.

  4. We’re getting pounded with severe thunderstorms here with large hail and tornado warnings. My poor tree that just experienced bud burst last Friday was savaged by the hail. Luckily I had just aerated and put out fertilizer and grass seed out front so hopefully I will get a green lawn to offset the savaged tree.

  5. Your photos of exquisite flowers bejeweled by precious drops of rain are so beautiful…and your descriptive words are poetic! So thankful when the rain comes to water the earth and sustain life for all it’s inhabitants.

  6. Your word muse was busy as a bee today! I loved, “… cloud-scudded cerulean blue.” We had rain for awhile yesterday, too… but our skies stayed a socked in gray!

  7. Beautiful, beautiful flowers with raindrops. I haven’t read Lawrence Durrell, but he is on my TBR list, which seems to get longer and longer.

    1. Did you see the BBC series on the Durrells in Corfu? I haven’t read the books yet, but it is a good prelude. I have been overly busy here, as well as trying to get a solid night’s sleep, so my reading pile has piled up. Not enough hours in the day right now. πŸ™‚

  8. Rainy days have their own special beauty, Derrick, and with your colorful gardens to brighten the greyest afternoon, one can’t go wrong for photos. We have had some similar weather of late with a few wild swings. The forecast is for the 90s here this weekend into the beginning of next week now. From cool to hot!

  9. I love that you’re reading Justine. I pulled out my boxed set and am ready to give it my annual go — though it may have to wait for fall or winter, or a nice rainy stretch.

    1. You did, of course, prompt it. I realise that I have read it before. Thank you very much, Linda

  10. I liked your rainy day pictures. The weather service could use some of these. I could never get to grips with Lawrence Durrell for some reason.

    1. I do hope so – maybe nearer my end, Sheree πŸ™‚ Thank you very much

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