The Eye Of Gimlet

This morning I converted the following two posts, celebrating Louisa’s mountain adventure in 2014, from Classic to Block edits:

Early this afternoon we left the house to embark upon a forest drive. Then we spent the next couple of hours looking for the car keys, until Becky found them in a flower bed.

Jackie had unlocked the car early this morning, then, keys in hand, had removed her flags put out for the coronation. We scoured everywhere possible, including the fridge.

When Becky, who had been out herself with the young family, returned home, she had the idea of searching under the largest union flag. There, nestling among the plant leaves, were the keys to the Modus.

We therefore kept our trip out short.

Some three years ago, I had befriended a pony in a field in South Sway Lane that I had named Gimlet on account of her one piercing blue eye. She became pregnant, disappeared, and returned with a foal for a short time.

Since then the field has been empty and received a new fence. Today

I noticed two equines in a buttercup meadow behind the fence.

Was that a blue eye on the smaller pony? I aimed my lens through the bars of the fence and found that it was.

Was that the offspring of Gimlet?

Further on past Sway we spotted a new colt and his mother.

(Were it possible, I would post a picture of the parent Gimlet for reference. The relevant posts have lost all their images and I have no more time today for recovery. I will attempt that when I am in the mood).

P.S. This post is OK

This evening Jackie and I drove to The Red Lion at Pilley to meet Elizabeth, Jacqueline, and Frances for dinner. The others enjoyed roast beef and all the trimmings; Jackie chose excellent fish, chips, peas, and onion rings; my pick was plentiful pork tenderloin and various vegetables. Ice cream, for three of us; coffee for Fances; and vegan cherry pie with non-vegan cream for Elizabeth were to follow. Jackie drank Diet Coke while the rest of us shared an excellent Malbec.


  1. Interesting treading about the 3 peaks. I’ve done it twice (cough cough) the first time having nearly failed due to a motoring crisis near Llandudno. The second was much more straight forward. It is hard work but the tough bit is the driving between and hoping not to seize up and grab some sleep in between.

  2. I can relate to lost keys in the garden. Graham used to blame it on the gremlins that followed him around and hid things like cuff links and car keys!

    I enjoyed reading about Louisa’s excellent achievements.

  3. PS. Once again I no longer receive your replies to my comments. It only happens on your site, everyone else’s pop up in the notifications!

  4. Losing keys is so frustrating. My father used to do it all the time. We tried to help him by buying key-rings that responded to noise – like the whistling one that would only tweet back if Dad whistled the tune in the exact same pitch as the original recording or the clapping one that drove us crazy as we all ran round the house clapping.

  5. That’s so frustrating to have to look for keys for that long, but I’m glad they were found. Gimlet’s offspring has beautiful hair along with the eye-catching eye. The foal is absolutely adorable.

  6. I am glad you found Gimlet (or her offspring at least). This is what I have enjoyed about the Urban Herd: seeing various obvious characteristics of the bull or cow coming through the generations, making it fairly easy to guess at the lineage of a calf. As for keys … one of my sons woke me in the very early hours of one morning as he was unable to let himself into the house. He swore he had placed his house key ‘in the usual place’ in the garden before going out and the next morning we searched to no avail. Two years later, my mother found them in the well of a tree much further away!

  7. Always a relief when lost items make themselves known to someone!
    Glad you at least got a short ride!
    And, oh, to find that little blue-eye foal is priceless! It must be Gimlet’s foal-let!
    (((HUGS))) ❀️❀️❀️❀️❀️

  8. I’m glad you found the eyes, but how frustrating to spend so long looking for them.
    Wonderful pony shots–that Gimlet eye is so striking.

  9. It has to be Gimlet’s offspring! How wonderful! You’d better stock up on apples and carrots for he new addition!

  10. I could write a book about the times my beloved has lost and/or misplaced the car keys! Unfortunately for him I can recall every incident.

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