A Bed Of Buttercups And Daisies

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After a trip to the Milford Pharmacy on this warm and sunny in a week in which we have been beamed from wet winter to a midsummer period Jackie drove me to Hockey’s Farm Shop for brunch where she

photographed our substantial meals, and, through the open door,

a busy blackbird on the ground and a thatched pig on a roof.

Many may trees, like these at Ogden’s North, are festooned with spreading blossom enlivening the landscape.

The rippling, reflecting, stream at the bottom of the hill seems very shallow during this dry spell.

Back at the top of the slope we looked down on a herd of deer who, even at this distance, got wind of me and scarpered sharpish.

One foal, its mother chomping unconcerned, sprawled on a bed of buttercups and daisies; another pony standing guard in the middle of the road at Ibsley, where, further on, a second infant stood by its Dam.

This evening we all enjoyed a meal of Ashleigh fish, chips, and onion rings; Garner’s pickled onions; and Mrs Elswood’s pickled gherkins.


  1. It looks like a wonderful day. The brunch dishes certainly were substantial, and the “Keep Calm and Carrion” shirt made me smile. You know how I love watching vultures. 🙂
    I think my favorite shots were the deer with the tree shadows, but as always, it’s hard to choose.

  2. Beautiful photos, Derrick, I love the ponies. Lunch looks delicious, a bit different from what Americans eat but I love beans and taters! I had to look up Scarpered Sharpish, apparently the deer got wind of you from a great distance and ran away fast!

  3. I don’t know that I’ve ever had a pickled onion. I surely must have, but if so they weren’t memorable. I’m going to have to explore that one!

  4. I got worried when I saw the “horse” lying down. I was taught it could mean colics. Then I realized it was a delightful foal… Lovely ride as usual. Thanks Mr. “Mordred”…

  5. I continue to be amazed at what a wonderful place you live in surrounded by ponies, foals, flowers, and reflections of nature’s beauty.

  6. What bed could be better than that! I bet the little foal dreamed of joyful gallops and an abundance of green grass to eat!
    Such a beautiful day with lovely creatures and delicious meals!
    (((HUGS))) ❤️????

  7. Your lunch looks delicious as does what I think is your t-shirt. (Not the carrion, but the cleverness of the phrase.) We went out to our churchyard this morning and saw our first deer there in several months. We had already decided to go feed donkeys this afternoon since we too are enjoying a lovely day.

  8. Wonderful photos. I have trouble picking a favourite. It’s crazy how your water is too low and ours is so very high…

    1. Yes – ours has been far too high much of the last month or two. Thanks very much, Dale

  9. I especially love the foals, Derrick and Jackie. The little one dozing amid the flowers was precious! What a pleasant place to sleep, and dream!

    So you are in drought now? It is drying out a bit early here, too. Rick and I have had to do a lot of watering already.

  10. Hi Derrick, England is lovely during late spring and summer. Beautiful pictures.

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