Worth The Effort?

This afternoon, changing the category of the second to Garden, I converted these two posts from Classic to Block edits:

Later I joined Jackie continuing watering and planting in the garden; my task was weeding and dead heading – she has provided me with a Helping Hand which enables me to reach sticky willies otherwise beyond my span.

I photographed a few roses to demonstrate that dead heading is worth the effort;

and a peony because I felt like it.

Hopefully the edit conversions are also worth the effort.

I am familiar with neither the sight nor sound of a hornet, so when Flo, at the first buzzing drone, dived under the dining table apparently shielding her daughter from an air raid, and Jackie cleared all food off the table as we began our meal of the mild curry leftovers, and went on the rampage with an insecticide spray, I didn’t react any more than I would at the sight of a bee or a wasp – on the premise that if you leave it alone, it will leave you alone – and our granddaughter, while the creature was sticking itself to the skylight above, and Mrs Knight was squirting toxic particles up at it, warned that it would land in my glass of Calvet Prestige Bordeaux 2020; suddenly, like a body thrown over a balcony onto a car below in a thriller movie, the writhing menace thumped onto the table beside the wine, to be scooped up by Jackie and tossed onto the patio – now named Rasputin, the creature refused to die and wriggles still as I draft this post.


  1. One hornet stirring up enough trouble for a whole hornet’s nest! I am allergic to most insect sprays and so tend to follow the line of leave it alone and it will leave. Insects wishing to imbibe my wine though are NOT welcome πŸ™‚

  2. Shame. They are very pacific and good for killing aphids. Sure they look menacing but really they’re not… just catch in a tea towel and toss outside. Mind if they nest in a shed like we had once circa 1972 that’s a whole different set of challenges!!

  3. Any type of insect inside my house is fair game for spray or a swatter, as I find it very hard to “capture” and “release”. I always think as the whirl around, past the window they came in, where is you visual brain…

    Wonder flowers, thanks for sharing

  4. I had to fish out a very inebriated bee that landed in my wine at a restaurant. It staggered around with quite a buzz before eventually flying off in a very zigzag direction. I also had to save one that landed in a swimming pool and started swimming to the side of the pool. I didn’t know that bees could swim. Gorgeous flowers.

  5. Deadheading is definitely worth the effort. Your roses are beautiful.
    Poor hornet didn’t stand a chance, did he? I’m with Geoff, I would have helped it go on its way in the great outdoors. (And yes, hope it doesn’t belong to a nest within your backyard! Now, if anyone has allergies, that is another story!

  6. The head gardener saved the day! Wasps, hornets, bees all creep me out. My instinct is to stomp them out. But, we should let them bee because they are so important to the environment. I love the flower photos today, beautiful photography, Derrick!

  7. Your deadheading the roses has definitely paid off.
    Quite a dramatic episode with the hornet! I hope it will find somewhere else to live.

    1. When you have been stung by a hornet, as has Dillon, it becomes very understandable. Thanks a lot, Tootlepedal

  8. YAY for Jackie the Conqueror! She defeated Rasputin! πŸ˜‰ (If he lived, I wondered how he described the unfortunate-incident to his wife over supper. HA!)
    Sometimes a simple lunch can be quite excitingly dramatic!
    Yes, definitely worth the effort! Beautiful roses and peony photos!
    (((HUGS))) ❀️

  9. What an exciting read about the hornets! I generally try to relocate flying insects who might be pollinators, but I also understand how protective instincts can take priority when there’s a young child present.

  10. My Peony is in honor of my dad. Mom and him had probably 30 of them. And now Mom has planted one per year in memory of him and almost has 50.

  11. You are absolutely right, Derrick, with your policy of “if you leave it alone, it will leave you alone”.Hornets are, as far as I have been told, completely harmless and again, “if you leave it alone, it will leave you alone”

  12. I loved the Scarecrow post! I was stung by a hornet as a child and had a terrible reaction. When we sit outside on our balcony, I keep a spray bottle with white vinegar close by. Insects don’t like the smell of it and move on their merry way.

  13. The roses are very beautiful, Derrick and Jackie! Our own roses, what is left of tem, have just started blooming this month.

    Hornets – I am also in the live and let live category when it comes to wasps and hornets, though have found the ground nesting yellow jackets are quite vicious if ones accidentally stumbles upon their nest. Aggressive nests are taken out with environmentally friendly Everclear.

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