The Sixth Of Our Second

This afternoon Jackie drove us to Ferndene Farm Shop to stock up on vegetables. Signs of the season in their displays outside the shop included

a Happy Halloween greeting, large pumpkins, firewood in the form of kindling and logs, and autumn cut flowers.

We continued on a forest drive, where

two of the English Longhorn cattle along Forest Road appeared to have developed a corkscrew.

Along Braggers Lane some of the field horses now wear rugs for protection from the colder weather.

We progressed to Jackie’s favourite pumpkin outlet, a cottage on Fish Street, where she chose one of a more suitable size for a pie.

Along Ringwood Road a pair of brick gateposts sported pumpkin heads.

This evening of the sixth anniversary of our second wedding, we dined at The Lazy Lion in Milford on Sea. It was a pleasant surprise to discover that the publican is now the man we new from the Monkey Puzzle pub in earlier days.

He has refurbished what was the Red Lion retaining all the original features of the 18th century building, renamed The Lazy Lion to distinguish it from others of one of the post popular pub titles we have.

Jackie, who was our photographer this evening, photographed a few of the features, including rings in the ceiling and the wooden floors.

The service was friendly, efficient, and allowing us as much time as we needed.

The food was first rate, not rushed, and perfectly cooked.

Here are Jackie’s images of her chicken burger meal, my swordfish steak, and the shared bowl of onion rings. When we both ordered these onions we were rightly advised to share one because of the quantity.

I drank a tasty Garnacha and Jackie drank Amstell.

The gentle background music was pleasant and unobtrusive.

A friendly woman from another table volunteered to photograph us on our special day.

We forgot to photograph the excellent desserts of sticky toffee pudding and ice cream, and Bailey’s flavoured bread and butter pudding and custard.


  1. Perhaps the Longhorn have been eating too much human food. I think the pumpkin pie will look and taste better than looking at one cut into a silly face on a fence looking ready to rot away to waste. Oh Jackie, I love taking photos of unusual features. It captures the whole experience. 🙂 The pair of you look great.

  2. Happy Anniversary! The Lazy Lion looks like a cozy, yet bright place. I love the photos of your and Jackie, especially the one with the lion picture behind you.

  3. Happy Anniversary! The food looks wonderful and the place looks very cozy and inviting. I love that Jackie bought a small pumpkin, instead of going for the biggest or most perfect one.

  4. Congratulations on your Special Day. Lazy Lion has risen to the occasion. Thanks to the unseen lady of the neighbouring table who has taken excellent photographs of the couple.
    May happiness in your life be as plentiful as the onion rings!

  5. Congratulations to you both. There are signs of Halloween coming our way but no pumpkin, all the references and colours are wrong in this part of the world.

  6. Those English longhorn cattle look impressive. I hope you and Jackie will enjoy many happy years together. Congratulations to you both.

  7. That’s a lovely first photograph. You look as if you’ve just starred in an important rugby game, scored three tries and now it’s time for a celebratory dinner!

  8. Happy Anniversary to you both! I had wondered if that was what the title meant.
    I think I’d like to eat at The Lazy Lion. 🙂 Those onion rings and whatever you have with your swordfish steak look delicious. It’s great that Jackie took photos of the place, but even nicer that someone offered to take photos of the two of you. You both look wonderful!
    I love Jackie’s style with the sweaters and scarves.

  9. Happy, Happy you two – sorry I’m late! I don’t think either of you could look any happier than you are here and every day!!
    You know I love the animals, but seeing you two happy is the best!

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