The House That Jack Built

Heavy rain and gale force winds persisted overnight and into the day, although we were treated to

some sunshine in most changeable weather as the afternoon went on, following a trip to Pennington’s Morrison’s to buy bread and tea.

This horse rider acknowledged with a wave each driver of passing traffic who slowed and gave him a wide berth on Pitmore Lane,

which, like a number of roads retained waterlogged stretches through which motorists, crossing tentatively sprayed water, rippling the surfaces.

Cattle alongside Holmsley Camp Site off Forest Road, included the English Longhorn variety with their crumpled horns.

Here is the source of the title.

Along Beckley Common Road we scattered a flock of pheasants.

This evening we are on our way to dine at Britannia Thai Restaurant in Milford on Sea.

The Sixth Of Our Second

This afternoon Jackie drove us to Ferndene Farm Shop to stock up on vegetables. Signs of the season in their displays outside the shop included

a Happy Halloween greeting, large pumpkins, firewood in the form of kindling and logs, and autumn cut flowers.

We continued on a forest drive, where

two of the English Longhorn cattle along Forest Road appeared to have developed a corkscrew.

Along Braggers Lane some of the field horses now wear rugs for protection from the colder weather.

We progressed to Jackie’s favourite pumpkin outlet, a cottage on Fish Street, where she chose one of a more suitable size for a pie.

Along Ringwood Road a pair of brick gateposts sported pumpkin heads.

This evening of the sixth anniversary of our second wedding, we dined at The Lazy Lion in Milford on Sea. It was a pleasant surprise to discover that the publican is now the man we new from the Monkey Puzzle pub in earlier days.

He has refurbished what was the Red Lion retaining all the original features of the 18th century building, renamed The Lazy Lion to distinguish it from others of one of the post popular pub titles we have.

Jackie, who was our photographer this evening, photographed a few of the features, including rings in the ceiling and the wooden floors.

The service was friendly, efficient, and allowing us as much time as we needed.

The food was first rate, not rushed, and perfectly cooked.

Here are Jackie’s images of her chicken burger meal, my swordfish steak, and the shared bowl of onion rings. When we both ordered these onions we were rightly advised to share one because of the quantity.

I drank a tasty Garnacha and Jackie drank Amstell.

The gentle background music was pleasant and unobtrusive.

A friendly woman from another table volunteered to photograph us on our special day.

We forgot to photograph the excellent desserts of sticky toffee pudding and ice cream, and Bailey’s flavoured bread and butter pudding and custard.

A Window Frame

Early this morning Jackie photographed

Ellie, perched on tiptoe and reaching for Norrie on the TV screen.

She then applied her lens to her Morning Glory, and, at the end of our trip out, to the display boxes decorating New Milton’s roads.

After lunch, before our drive, she drove me to Sears Barbers for a haircut and photographed the process.

We returned along the coast road where I undertook the photography. Despite the ever stiffening breeze blowing off the Solent, still sporting my shirtsleeves, and having rather less hair covering, I was perfectly warm on the clifftop.

The Isle of Wight, The Needles, and the lighthouse with its red eye, stood out in the gloom,

as did the Hurst lighthouse.

Churning waves sped across the sea to the rocks beneath the crumbling cliff,

cleaving the line of breakwaters.

Walkers along the promenade passed thrift resisting the wind.

The sun occasionally glinted on the sea surface smooth enough for yachting.

On our return home a pony crossed Forest Road.

Beside Holmsley Camp Site ponies shared the landscape with English Longhorn and Belted Galloway cattle and their usual crows;

one foal made a beeline for a feed.

This evening we dined on Jackie’s tasty fusilli Bolognese and Parmesan cheese with which she drank Silvaner Sp├Ątlese Rheinhessen 2020, and I drank Selone Cabernet Zinfandel 2021.