Either Side Of Sunset

For the first time for months I was able fully to carry my weight at a supermarket shop when we visited Lidl early this morning. This involves walking to the generally far side of the shop, carrying, for example, a box of a dozen cartons of milk back to the Catering Chief, loading it into her trolley, then seeking something else, collecting it, finding her again, and seeking further direction. My knees found this more stressful than my neck and shoulder, thanks to my chiropractor, with whom I kept another successful appointment either side of sunset.

This was our view from Christchurch Road on the way there. Our favourite wind-sculpted tree stands against the sky while a puddle on the verge reflects what is too dark too discern of a boundary fence.

Just twenty minutes later New Milton’s Christmas lights were at their best. The Chiropractic clinic features on the right of the first picture.

We took the Downton Lane (first picture) and the coast road (next two) route to Milford on Sea, where I photographed

the lights on the green, and

The windows of Sears Barber featuring my hairdresser, and The Pickled Weasel, which reflected the lights on the green’s Christmas trees.

This evening we all dined on meaty roast chicken thighs, Aunt Bessie’s Yorkshire puddings; Lyonnaise potatoes; crunchy carrots; firm cauliflower and Brussels sprouts, and meaty gravy with which I drank more of the Côtes du Rhône.


  1. Glad you have physical evidence of your improved physical abilities thanks to chiropractor. Bet Jackie is pleased also. Lovely Christmas pictures. ????????????

    1. Thank you so much, Pat. One of the most useful improvements is that I can now look up to take pictures 🙂

  2. Great title! Gorgeous photos of Nature’s light…and the Christmas lights!
    Love the Pickled Weasel photo! (What a great name! Is it a restaurant?)
    So glad to hear you are seeing, and feeling, neck and shoulder improvement and are doing better!
    Is Aunt Bessie a brand name or a beloved relative? 🙂
    (((HUGS))) ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

    1. Thanks very much, Carolyn. The Pickled Weasel is some kind of eating place but we have never investigated. Aunt Bessie is a brand name – very good. XX

  3. Glad that your health is improving even if those knaughty knees are still playing up. Make sure that you do all the physio that your chiropractor is sure to give to you to do!

  4. Beautiful Christmassy photos, thank you Derrick. I find carrying my shopping bag up the hill a very good exercise, but it never fails to be exhausted at the top of the (little) hill.

  5. It’s so good to hear about your improved physical state. Little by little, more improvement surely will come. It’s a good time of year to feel like being out and about. The lights there are so pretty.

  6. I used to hate going to the grocery store with my mother because my purpose was to go for items she missed on her rounds. I’d locate the item, them have to run around the store to find a moving target! As often as not, there’d be an awkward item or two – heavy or bulky – to hand carry to my mistress! LOL!

  7. Carrying and loading a dozen cartons of milk would be a challenging task for many of us. I’m glad your condition continues to improve!

  8. I join your other readers in their delight that you feel an improvement in your neck – an enormous relief I feel sure. While Jackie probably finds your help useful whilst grocery shopping, I have found that the older we get the better it is to leave my husband at home: he uses the trolley to steady himself while I rush around the shop with my arms filled with groceries, only to find he has moved on, forgotten what he was supposed to get and is engrossed in conversation! I do the major shop on my own. Should he go in for a few items, instead of minutes away, I know he won’t be home for at least an hour 🙂 🙂

    1. Thanks very much, Anne. Basically I have been waiting for Jackie to emerge from the shop, then loading the car and returning the trolley to the rack

  9. I am glad to hear the chiropractic treatments are still going well, Derrick. All good news!

    It’s looking like Christmas in your area. The lights are beautiful!

  10. I haven’t been out at night lately to see the lights but numerous roadside merchants and stands are selling the newer Xmas decs in the shape of trees, reindeer, etc. that are tube lights. I must take photos today..Merry early Xmas.

  11. I’m so pleased to hear the treatments are helping you, Derrick. That is wonderful news!
    Beautiful seasonal shots. I like the Christmas reflections in the windows.
    What time does it get dark now where you are? Our mid-December sunset is around 4:30.

  12. The trees looked pretty, and I’m glad to hear you are in fine fettle. How kind of Aunt Bessie to send you some of her Yorkshires!! That eased your wife’s load a little… Tee hee.

  13. I’m glad the chiropractic treatments are working for you, Derrick. Your photos are glorious with such dramatic contrasts with the lights against the darkness.

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