The Nature Of The Weather

Fairly early in a drizzly morning of gloom seeping from still rain filled skies we set off for a shopping trip to Lyndhurst.

This was Vaggs Lane. The smudged trees on the left hand side were beyond the reach of the windscreen wipers.

Father Christmas now stands upon the Tiptoe postbox on Wootton Road.

The moorland alongside the A35 to Lyndhurst looked decidedly hazy.

The High Street did not look tempting for shoppers,

yet some stalwarts persevered,

even if only, briefly, to window shop.

A Big Issue vendor seemed to have given up on finding customers. (The Big Issue is a rather good newspaper focussing on the issues of housing and homelessness. The profit goes to the homeless vendors).

The postbox decorations outside the Lyndhurst Tea Rooms, where we brunched, were also serving a fundraising purpose, in an attempt to preserve the Foxlease Activity Centre, more information on which is given on the site at the bottom right of the banner.

The Fox & Hounds pub alongside featured seasonal window boxes and The Forage across the road strung a garland of baubles.

A black bird watched from above, no doubt rejoicing in the fact that it did not have to

dice with death walking across the road.

In the interests of conveying the nature of the weather I have resisted the temptation to brighten all these images.

This evening we all dined on Mr Pink’s crisp fish and chips, pea fritters, and Mrs Elswood’s sandwich gherkins. Once she had prised

her bread and butter pudding from the top rack in the oven, Jackie’s dessert was to follow. I finished the Côtes du Rhône.


  1. Rough shopping these days, eh? Today through Monday, our roads will look like yours! I wanted to get some shopping done too, but Yuck!
    Lovin’ the decorations on the mailboxes.
    That’s quite a meal you had!!

  2. Cloudy and dismal here, but not raining…but not really full on daytime quite yet. Gardener with his mowers here…a bit too early to my liking!

  3. Festivity and fundraising–it’s the season! I liked the blackbird on the roof and chuckled at your comment.

    I hope it didn’t take too much effort to get the oven rack to release the bread pudding. 🙂

  4. Such a dank day today, the photos look just like Michigan this time of year. At least people are out and about though. ????????????

  5. We have been dealing with wet, cold, misty, dark here – rain off and on – getting out to go to doctors and shop for groceries. Always nice to be back in the warm home!

  6. These photos show the reason for the season of lights and ornamental baubles outside and inside shops and homes. We need holiday lights to brighten up the grey season. Happy Holidays, Derrick, to you and yours.

  7. Even a rainy day looks nicer with Christmas Decorations.
    I am gluten-free, so sadly the wonderful bread pudding would be a no for me. I know it tastes as good as it looked. I could almost smell it.

  8. I think the weather has been pretty gloomy in many parts of England recently Derrick.. Those poor drenched knitted Christmas decorations on top of posts box’s look a little droopy… But Jackie’s Bread and Butter Pud, definitely brought Good Cheer.. 🙂 xx 😉 <3

  9. It looks such a busy place. Done purchasing gifts online. All I need now is to shop for some veggies that I will use on Christmas day.

  10. The post box decorations are a delight! Do the creators reclaim them later or do they join a depository maintained by Royal Mail? I think they would make a great museum item! Do you know how and why this practice started?

    1. I don’t know anything about it, Doug, except that it seems to have begun within the last ten years. Thanks very much.

  11. Your Foxie’s reminded me of a certain Foxy’s, a very popular (and my favorite) beachside bar in the islands — specifically, Jost van Dyke. It was a fascinating place, not only because of Foxy himself, but also because it was filled with cruisers from all around the world. There was lots of story-telling there!

  12. Yesterday was gloomy – sans the rain – giving the day a wintry feel. Fortunately the sun has come out cheerfully this morning and I am planning to swim shortly. Congratulations to Jackie on the bread-and-butter pudding which has risen beautifully: this has been a favourite of mine since childhood!

  13. You’ve captured what is so December to many of us. 🙂 The weather-mood can be gloomy and cold, but the people, the lights, the decorations all bring me great joy! 🙂
    I really love the lone blackbird pausing for a break from the hustle and bustle. He is a reminder we all need some rest, a few breaks, maybe even some alone-contemplative times this busy holiday season. 🙂
    (((HUGS))) ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  14. I can almost feel the chilly damp air when looking at your gloomy images. That kind of day makes you want to rush home to the warmth and a favourite chair.

    After a damp start, we enjoyed a dry day yesterday at 5°C. It was a relief to have felt a little warmer and dryer than usual. We are to expect the same today.

  15. It’s been a bit more dry over here in Berkshire. The ground is still too wet and slippery for country walks though.

  16. That’s a splendid pudding! AS always love the knitted decorations on the postboxes. There are so many that there much be a group providing the wooden bounty.

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