Quirky Cruets

Late this cooler but drier morning Jackie drove me to another pleasurable and progressive Chiropractic session with Eloise,

after which we brunched at The Quench in Station Road, New Milton.

Both sides of the internal picture have been cropped to respect privacy. Every customer was well behaved.

Here are normal daily menus and the very reasonably priced Festive Lunch one.

Various delicious looking cakes are displayed for purchase.

One shelf contains sandwiches ready to be turned to toasties.

Walls are decorated with such as framed railway posters from an earlier age; the establishment’s Covid Pandemic Business Hero Award; and an array of clocks set to display times from various locations throughout the world.

Ingredients for meals are sourced locally: the eggs are Fluffets, from a nearby couple who also supply Hockey’s Farm Shop – as can be seen the chef knows just how to fry them; the sausages, and quite likely the bacon, are from Danestream Farm Shop. Needless to say it was Jackie who enjoyed the fried eggs on granary, and I who tucked into the Naked Breakfast.

You may have noticed the two camel cruets at the corners of the laminated menu card. When Jackie asked if we could buy them the very friendly and informative owner said that they were not for sale, but could be exchanged for any equally quirky that customers would like to offer. These are a few examples of similar sets.

Because Jackie’s little camera makes a much better job of these interior close-ups than does mine she has produced all today’s pictures. Some might suggest that it is the photographer, not her tools.

This evening we all dined on Jackie’s pasta arrabbiata sprinkled with Parmesan cheese with which she drank Peroni, and I finished the Sicilian red wine.


  1. Once upon a time, my family (my mom and aunts) had an astounding combined collection of these types of cruets. My own home now has several, but they are mostly glass/crystal, not the ceramic figures.

  2. I have never seen lighting in a restaurant like in the top left photo. Very different! American pancakes? Are there any other ways to make them? The ggs, ham and sausage (bangers?) look delicious!

    1. Thanks very much, John, We have a cousin who emigrated to America a good 50 years ago. She came back for a trip and we took her out for a meal. She ordered a pancake. Looking disgusted she said “That’s not a pancake”.

      1. Oh my gosh, this is so wonderful! My idea of a pancake is a flat and round cake not very thick and ten or less inches across. Such a delight to eat. ????????????????

  3. I love this and I thank you for the heads up! Yes please and thank you.

    I would also be a fan of the Naked breakfast.
    I had a similar full English breakfast yesterday during an early morning last minute shopping spree at M&S. I didn’t realise they did cooked breakfasts!

    It’s 10:45 pm. We are expecting 70 miles an hour gales at midnight but they sound as they’ve arrived already!

      1. Apart from bins and flower pots I think everything else was pretty much weighted down. Though Simon might tell me otherwise when he gets home.
        The wind dropped to 45 mph this afternoon and I even managed to light the log burner and get cosy. I wouldn’t have stood a chance if the wind was south westerly, fortunately it was from the west.

  4. I could have donated a cruet set shaped like green peppers. They were a wedding present 50 years ago and never been used. It was fun to be in The Quench with you both šŸ™‚ šŸ™‚

  5. Love the dogs welcome sign. Big surprise…Cooper is always better behaved than I am! (wink, wink!)
    Looks like a lovely place (what a great name!) with delicious food and enjoyable atmosphere.
    Great photos, Jackie! The little cruet sets are so delightful!
    Thanks for including photos of the menus. Am I weird that I like to read menus?
    (((HUGS))) ā¤ļøā¤ļøā¤ļøā¤ļøā¤ļø

    1. No not weird at all it’s why I included it, as I am also always interested in what’s on offer!

  6. What a delightful and fun place to enjoy a meal, Derrick. It’s charm reminds me of places I’ve visited in quaint mountains towns in north Georgia.

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