A Terrible Revenge

The immense ribbon of the mighty Dneiper set against the backdrop of the distant Carpathian Mountains laces the fabric of this, the third Tale in the Folio Society’s collection of Nikolai Gogol’s work.. The awesome beauty, yet destructive power of this major waterway is perhaps a metaphor for the Russian folk belief in the mystical nightmares of witches and wizardry responsible for this story.

The significance of Peter Sturt’s illustration in my edition depicting “A cross on one of the graves tottered and a withered corpse rose up. out of earth” becomes clear at the climax of the never-ending story, featuring the Antichrist as the enemy of the father of a beautiful woman; a duel of honour; a battle between Cossacks and Poles; capture and release of the evil devil; and a hectic chase across the skies leading to the denouement which will extend for all eternity.


  1. That is a horrifyingly beautiful illustration by Peter Sturt, Derrick. Human imagination can conjure up some very dark tales to accompany the trials presented by life.

  2. Ooh, sounds like an intriguing, action-filled, scary story!
    And that illustration is vividly impressive and freaky at the same time.
    (((HUGS))) ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ to everyone at your house!

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