A Magnet

I benefited from a good night’s sleep with much more tolerable neck pain enabling me to concentrate more on all around me, yet not to go out and enjoy the current, albeit cold, sunny weather.

Instead, I focussed on Ellie, engrossed in her favourite pastime of inspecting, and dancing to, the music emanating from anyone’s laptop p.c. It is a magnet drawing her from anywhere else in the room, whatever she may have been doing at the time.

A real favourite is the Clog Dance culled from a post by Boromax, which, by request, has made its way from my device to those of Jackie and Becky, and is often played on demand.

Later, I finished reading the third story in my Gogol collection and posted

This evening we all dined on succulent roast lamb; crispy Yorkshire pudding and roast potatoes, including sweet ones; Brussels sprouts, carrots, cabbage, cauliflower, and spinach, with which Jackie drank Hoegaarden; Ian, Peroni; and I, Calvet Prestige Côtes du Rhône Villages 2022. An interesting conversation about favourite and least favourite meats, fruit, and vegetables ensued.


    1. Thank you very much, Rosaliene. I am pleased to say that Ellie is equally at home with a book. At 16 months she will carry one off to her quiet spot, point out the animals, and trace lines of print.

  1. And, before you know it Ellie will be a computer genius! So cute! ???? I’m glad that you are feeling better, Derrick. ????????????

  2. Oh, so glad you got some rest and sleep!
    So great that Ellie is fascinated with computers, music, and dancing! All of those can be so good for kids! Won’t be long and she will be helping everyone else with their computer issues…and she will be picking and playing her own music choices. Kids get so computer smart so quickly. 🙂
    When one of my nephews was a little toddler (he is now a grown man with teenage sons), we teenagers would put on rock music and he would dance to it! HA! A fave of his was the then-already-oldie Twist and Shout!
    (((HUGS))) ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

    1. She may not look it, but she is only 16 months old. School is way ahead. Thanks very much, Pat

  3. Neck pain has been keeping me up for a very long time. In my case it was a posture problem when I work I hunch over like most tall people do, when I work on my desk or worksurface, I do the same. I had to start doing neck exercise and I got the right pillow. I am a side sleeper and never realized that my neck wasn’t supported. The pillow and the exercise made all the difference in the world. I hope you will get relief soon.
    Dancing and music is attractive to most kids, put an instrument in front of her and watch your neck pain turn into a headache. 🙂

  4. I’m delighted to hear this news and I hope the relief continues.

    So young, yet she’s so interested in our media.
    My kitchen TV sits on a small chest of drawers, and one day, when visiting, Louisa switched on CBeebies for two-year-old Scarlett. After a little while, Scarlett reached up to the TV and attempted to move the screen sidewards just as she did when looking at photos on her mother’s iPad!
    Such a tender age but technology comes naturally.!

    1. It does, indeed, Sue. I remember visiting Flo on her third birthday when she was happily seated at her computer playing a game. Thanks very much

  5. I’m glad you’re feeling a little better and that sweet Ellie could help. It is fun to watch children discovering dance, art, music, and nature. Before you know it, she’ll be helping in the garden!

  6. Great reading you’re having some improvement, Derrick! Chronic or persistent pain seems to be the reward for a long life. That and little Ellie, in your case!

  7. I am glad your pain is easing, at least a little, Derrick. Hopefully, recovery will progress. Ellie riveted to the laptop screen is a magnetic view in itself.
    Feel better!

  8. I am glad to read that you are having more rest and less pain. Praying that it improves more and more.
    I love watching babies get drawn to music. It is magical

  9. Music is a powerful draw. I’m delighted to hear of E’s love of Clog Dance, and I wonder if she’ll one day dance for you. They are sponges at her age. It’s a delight watching the development of the young mind. It’s good to hear you enjoyed a meal and are feeling a bit better.

    1. Sponges indeed. My 16-month great-granddaughter visited me yesterday where I am dog sitting. The dog is about her height, and when it got a little boisterous through excitement, I gave the dog a stop hand signal and voice command. For the rest of the afternoon, our Ellie mimicked that as she roamed around with the dog 🙂

  10. Mention of the clog dance reminded me of something my mother often told me.

    I’ve never seen anybody wearing clogs, but she said that in 1930’s Wigan they were the most usual footwear for children…..and very practical.

    In the slums of Nottingham, in the late 1960s children in the slums called “The Meadows” very often went barefoot.

  11. Those are adorable photos of Ellie enjoying the music! I am glad you had a good night’s sleep and are in less pain today, Derrick.

    Some wild windy weather coming here today. I hope our power stays on.

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