Packing Up

On this grey-drizzle day we arrived at Tanners Lane beach 

just as the intrepid kite-surfers were packing up for the afternoon.

These friendly gentlemen were happy to talk about the wind and the weather while I explained that in producing my daily blog I accepted whatever I was given.

This evening we all dined on Jackie’s delicious, wholesome, chicken and vegetable stewp.


  1. When we lived on Mission Bay in San Diego, we could see some kite surfers rise up higher than our 4 story apartment building (plus another story is you count the stair going down to the beach) when we looked over the top of the building from the front street. Scary stuff. You dinner sounds lovely.

  2. Nice bare feet! HA!
    Wonderful weathery photos! A grey-blustery day is THE perfect day for stewp! What drinks were drank?
    Your weather photos make me think of a fave quote: “It’s a gray, blustery day, the wind herding clouds across the sky like a parent hurrying along recalcitrant children.” – C.J. Tudor
    (((HUGS))) ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  3. Accepting what comes along and making the most of the ordinary as well as the extraordinary are qualities that make your blog so appealing. (… and it’s okay not to have beer or wine sometimes if that’s what you choose. We usually drink water or tea.)

  4. This post is a fine example of why it is fun taking a camera out on any drive. Having one handy encourages us to ‘see’ more than we might have otherwise. Whilst driving back from my stint in the Hospice shop yesterday, I saw birds bathing in one of the (far too many) potholes in one street and donkeys drinking from another pothole further on. My phone camera didn’t do them justice, yet made me stop and look at what was going on instead of simply driving on.

    1. Thank you very much, Riba. They don’t and they were surprised I didn’t 🙂 Thanks very much, Riba

  5. I was a dedicated surfer when I lived in northern California, and my job was meteorologist. They went together nicely. That part of the coast is cold and the water coming down from the Gulf of Alaska is even colder. The scenes here made me reminisce.

  6. Good shots! Windsurfing is among those activities that always fascinated me, but to which I was never particularly drawn personally; seems like more trouble than it is worth, and also dangerous. I guess that is the point, though. 😉

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