Whose Carrots?

On this third dull afternoon as winter attempts a resurgence tomorrow Jackie and I took a forest drive after collecting repeat prescriptions from Milford Pharmacy. Alongside Angel Lane, where we spotted our first clump of bluebells, a pair of forest horses lunched on hay heaps. Silent crows perched beside Milford Road. Jackie photographed me photographingContinue reading “Whose Carrots?”

Mirrors And Shadows

Today’s weather forecast was that the clear, bright, early morning skies would cloud over at 11 a.m., which is exactly what happened. We were pleased, therefore, that we took advantage of the prediction. The Lymington River mirror, with its reflections of moored boats; sun-kissed buildings; stately swans; and mudlarking waders, was the first that drewContinue reading “Mirrors And Shadows”

Photographing Windsurfers

After lunch I posted https://derrickjknight.com/2021/09/26/a-knights-tale-40-not-a-book-illustrator/ Later, partly in order to preserve petrol, we took a short drive to Tanners Lane and back. The garage that had been the cause of severe hold-ups two days running as panic buyers queued for petrol, had only a couple of pumps working, so we were able to pass itContinue reading “Photographing Windsurfers”

Avian Pairs

Today was bright and sunny, if a little chilly. Because this was the weekend, there was a little more humanity on the forest roads, mainly in the form of family groups of walkers like these on St Leonards Road, and cyclists in pairs or singly, like this one on Sowley Lane. We had planned toContinue reading “Avian Pairs”

Up On The Roof

This morning I made four 5 x 7 prints for Ian from his and Becky’s wedding. After lunch I made a start on the Christmas cards and Jackie and I drove to New Milton for some Christmas shopping, and continued on into the forest. The day was dull and dry. We arrived at a glassyContinue reading “Up On The Roof”