Rose Garden Entrance Arbour

Before the rain set in again later this afternoon

Martin completed his work on the Rose Garden Entrance.

Jackie and I visited Elizabeth at Pilley and made our way back through the downpour.

Ian returned home to Southbourne for work, and was therefore unable to partake of Becky’s and sous chef Flo’s authentic spaghetti Bolognese dinner sprinkled with Parmesan cheese with which I finished the Carménère.


  1. Fantastic! Kudos and high-fives to Martin, and congratulations to you all – a wonderful addition / renovation for your gardens.

      1. Please, do. As you know I work with wood (inside more than outside) but treated or not, stained wood will last longer and it looks nicer. There are so many modern stains with colors like red, green and blue.

  2. Great work, Martin! The arbour is a beautiful addition to the roses-home…and I know some roses will enjoy blanketing the arbour with love!
    Ooh! I see owls! 🙂
    (((HUGS))) ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
    PS…we had a rainy day and more is on the way!

  3. I spent this afternoon making a lot of ragu for a large lasagne, the leftover sauce will be used in a spag bol. The folks in Bologna are shaking their heads.

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