Somewhat Shamefaced

A member of the Britannia Thai staff having left a message on Ian’s answerphone to say that they had found my lens cap, I collected it this afternoon.

Jackie drove me via Angel Lane, like many others bearing the deposits of last night’s overnight rain, now desisted, but, as we discovered, also leaving the

moorland more waterlogged and many trees in standing water providing temporary accommodation for mallards.

Primroses like those along Royden Lane, and daffodils along Church Lane with its ancient mossy verges lined our route to Pilley,

where ponies enjoyed foraging on the green where a brisk breeze dried their hair,

and damp donkeys disrupted the traffic along Jordans Lane.

We have all been wondering why I have not received the results of my DNA test allegedly registered with Ancestry on 4th January .

This afternoon Becky and Flo decided to investigate, and discovered that I misinformed all my blogging friends on the above highlighted post by boasting that I had successfully registered when in fact all I had done was register an account with Ancestry DNA and my spit has not been registered. It has, however, been stored somewhere and from today, since the ladies have made a better job than I, it has been activated; the results should be communicated by e-mail in about two months time.

I now feel somewhat shamefaced for bragging about my prowess.

This evening we all dined on moist roast chicken, crisp roast potatoes and Yorkshire pudding; crunchy carrots, firm Brussels sprouts; and tender runner beans, with tasty gravy. Jackie drank Western Cape Sauvignon Blanc 2023, and I drank Mighty Murray shiraz.


  1. That’s funny, Derrick. We will all be waiting to hear the results gathered from your spit. ;). Such beautiful scenery in all the galleries. It’s hard to pick a favorite, but perhaps the first Angel Lane photo with its mysterious shadows.

  2. Poor Derrick. At least you got your lens cap back… Beautiful pictures. Hope this does not mean you don’t know spit (couldn’t resist the pun…)

  3. You certainly have received a lot of rain this Feb. & March! Your photos are amazing. Of course, I am always partial to the ponies and donkeys. And hey, Derrick, there is no reason to feel “shamefaced for bragging about [your] prowess.” We all have had such mishaps or another … life goes on! I’m glad you had help sorting it out!

  4. I wonder how pretty Angel Lane got its name. It’s always a pleasure to see the ponies and donkeys. I also like the photo of the daffodils in the grassy bank.

  5. I, too, struggled with the DNA registration and activation and had to get help from a real live Ancestry person – so don’t feel too bad.
    Now I’m having trouble finding some of the information detail I was looking into earlier, but basically, my mother gave me the anticipated Anglo-Saxon genes, but with a strong Devonshire component, so that at least confirmed that a great-grandfather whom I’d deduced through research was the correct man. I was just surprised the percentage was far higher than the Yorkshire I had through both a grandfather and a great-grandmother.
    And, thank goodness, the man I pegged as my father when I was 25 was correct! Haha, that could have been embarrassing all these years later. 41% of my makeup is Sicilian, but he threw in a lick of other surrounding European areas for interest 🙂

  6. Powerful and beautiful after-the-rain photos!
    Darling damp donkeys dining daintily! 🙂
    No shame! We all make mistakes. And often things are not as clear as they should be, so we do our best. YAY for Flo and Becky being helpers! Oh, it will be interesting to find out the DNA results.
    (((HUGS))) ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
    PS… “Primroses and Daffodils definitely look like spring…” – Marilyn Lott

  7. It is difficult for me to comprehend so much water damming up in the hollows at the moment, yet lovely to see through your lens. How satisfying to get your lens cap returned! My son inadvertently left his back pack in a crowded pub in Glasgow and was most surprised when he phoned the next day to find that not only did they have it, but all the contents were intact – not something we are used to in this country! Good luck with the DNA testing – I am pleased it has been given a positive push in the right direction and, like others, look forward to reading the results you care to share with us.

  8. Everything sure is wet, even the ponies! It looks like they still have their winter coats though.
    Hopefully Ancestry will live up to their claim and get your DNA processed forthwith.

  9. You seem to be having good mallard weather over there, Derrick and Jackie. The ponies and donkeys all look a bit soggy!

    Glad to hear you got your lens cap back, and the DNA testing results back on track.

  10. Well, At least you registered with Ancestry DNA, that was a step in the right direction. My Ancestry DNA birthday present arrived just before my birthday at the end of January… I still haven’t opened the box!

      1. Will be waiting to hear. As I recall from seeing younger pictures of you, your hair was quite dark. So there is probably some other heritage, too. Fun!

  11. It will be fun to see the DNA results. I was able to verify that my paternal grandmother was Jewish despite my father’s insistence to the contrary. I can only guess why he didn’t want that known, but I find comfort in the information.

    1. Thank you so much, Elizabeth. I expect we can guess he reason for his reluctance

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