Now I Have A Heavy Cold

All I managed to do today was to watch the Women’s Six Nations rugby match between France and Italy. I slept through some of it. Flo gave me eggy bread for lunch, and bunch of grapes later.

I dank a lot of water, but didn’t partake of Dinner with the others.

It will be touch and go whether I am fit for the eye surgery in a week’s time.


  1. I hope you feel better soon, but if the eye surgery has to wait a little bit, maybe that’s okay. Glad you’re resting, drinking a lot of water and have family to help take care of you.

  2. Derrick I’m so sorry to hear you’re not well. And just before surgery too. I hope you start to feel better very soon x

    1. Could be, but when you have a toddler in the house, they tend to come in. Thanks very much, Quercus

  3. Oh no, I’m sorry you’re feeling under the weather, Derrick. Do you have to be fever free or just feeling ok for the surgery?

    1. I’m not sure. I will ring them later in the week. It will be a local anaesthetic. Thanks very much, Luanne

    1. Thanks very much, Widders. I haven’t even mentioned that I was due to see the dentist yesterday with a broken tooth

  4. If this is anything like the cold I had two weeks ago I know what you’re going through. Worst cold that I had in years. Rest and drink lots of fluids. Hope it doesn’t interfere with your surgery.

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