Flowers On The Verges

On this much cooler, overcast, morning we visited our GP Surgery for a change of dressing on my injured hand to find that it was now well enough healed to leave it open to the air.

We continued on a drive, first along Saltgrass Lane where

swans and other shore fowl feed in the shallows at low tide

which left white weed striating the rocks.

On 29th January “rules for all types of road users [were] updated to improve the safety of people walking, cycling, and riding horses.” For anyone wishing to learn more these are detailed in

On many of of our local lanes the required space is very difficult to provide. On New Lane, Keyhaven it is quite impossible. We waved as we passed this courteous couple who dismounted and heaved their steeds onto the verge of this narrow passageway.

At East End it was Jackie who took us off the road into a Farm entrance driveway for me to photograph the ubiquitous cow parsley which, in my view, looks much prettier in its natural habitat than in our garden.

White and pink dog roses;

early bramble blossom;

plentiful valerian grew out of St Leonard’s medieval barn walls with accompanying earthbound elderflower bushes, are all at their peak.

Jackie photographed some honeysuckle or wild woodbine.

Some verges along St Leonard’s Road are high, ancient, banks.

This evening we dined on Jackie’s authentic chicken jalfrezi and mushroom and onion rice coloured with turmeric.


  1. Good news about your hand. It looks like you had a lovely ride. I think my favorite today is the valerian growing out of the barn wall.

  2. Happy to hear about your hand.
    The trio of images that really captured my attention are the ones growing out of the barn! Beautiful shots.

      1. Thank you for the link, Derrick. Dry valerian root was sold in Russian farmacies as a heart remedy and both Germany and Latvia make valerian root-based heart drops, yet I’ve never heard of its use for insomnia.

  3. So pleased to know your hand is healing well Derrick.. and Loved the nature photos Derrick.. I have some valerian in my garden, I picked some seed years ago from a railroad track walk … I now have to pull the new self set plants up as they spring up everywhere 🙂 xx

  4. Gorgeous pictures.Looks similar to some of our rural roads. Which I had half your knowledge of our local fauna. Do recognize honeysuckle.

    1. Thank you very much, JoAnna. The first seeds of those must have fallen hundreds of years ago

  5. The required space for passing cyclists is hard to come by on our back roads too. Mostly people driving large SUVs make the space by driving straight at me until I dive into a ditch. It works well as a method.

  6. I’m glad that your hand is much better, Derrick! Lovely photos, and that is a lot of rule changes for horses, cycles and pedestrians, wow! Very different from our road rules in some cases.

  7. The swans are always a beautiful sight Derrick …
    Page 9, in ‘our’ book, Perceptions …


    Honouring the ancient lakes of Aberdeen
    Are you our planet’s queen?
    Shyly overseeing this world’s fading green

    Serenely grateful and gracious
    Solemnly thoughtful and virtuous
    Calmly valorous and veracious

    No matter your birthright
    You are equally adorned black or white
    Colour is not your feathers blight
    But nature’s pearls of delight

  8. Gorgeous photos, Jackie and Derrick!! They bring such joy! 🙂
    Thank you for sharing your good about your hand, Derrick! I’m so glad it’s healing so well!
    (((HUGS))) ❤️❤️

  9. That is wonderful news on your hand, Derrick! Glad to hear it is healing up well.

    Those are beautiful photos from you and Jackie. I especially love the valerian pants growing out of the old wall. Life will grab a toehold wherever it can.

  10. Beautiful photos of lovely scenes and gorgeous flowers, Derrick. You live in such a beautiful place. Thank you for sharing it with us.

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