About Derrick Knight

I am a man who on 7.7.12 reached his three score years and ten, and is living on the Biblical bonus time.  Fortunate enough to be able to look forward to a hopefully healthy future and back to a fully involved past I have been encouraged to produce a blog based on my ramblings. These ramblings were on foot when I began in May 2012, and in my head, reflecting on a lifetime, aided by a large collection of photographs. Arthritis now prevents me from doing long walks, so Jackie drives me somewhere I can have a short wander.  I have led an active life; have suffered losses in adulthood which have helped to make me who I am;  have five children and nine grandchildren; my career has been in Social Work and personal therapy; as Mordred, I set cryptic crosswords for twenty years.  Our New Forest home is a former village shop near New Milton.

Since my family life can be a little confusing, I have provided this post: https://derrickjknight.com/2014/01/05/my-branch-of-the-family-tree/

This is a map of the garden: Garden Map crop 1

235 thoughts on “About Derrick Knight

  1. Dear Derrick!
    While I was searching info about that astounding illustrator Frank C. Papé and what he did with ‘Thaïs’, I stumbled across your awesome blog. Apart from your wanderings, you show so much more treasures of Papé and Anatole France! And also such high res, so one can explore this beautiful art to the max. As being an illustrator myself, I find this so very instructive and inspiring for my own graphic novels with original Latin and Greek texts (by e.g. Ovid, Vergil, Homer, Herodot)!
    Thank you so much for sharing your treasures with us!!
    My best wishes,
    Magda van Tilburg, Amsterdam

  2. SRBotch introduced me to your blog via a comment on mine. Looks interesting. I reached my majority on 02/11/11. (UK notation). I began creating a garden (much smaller than yours) in May 2011. As a rambler, how are you coping with the present lockdown? I find that having a garden is a saviour and I feel sorry for those in cramped flats trying to cope with children unable to go outdoors. That’s why a started sharing a weekly walk around my garden.

    1. Sorry, Andrew. N to me. There was a social documentary film maker in the 50s with the same name; my doppelgänger, however, with the same name ran Knight Games in Old Compton Street in the 1970s. Same height, same specs, too. Since I was living in Soho at the time, meeting him was quite uncanny.

  3. Hi Derrick,
    I am the person who was flying the paraglider a couple of days ago. Thanks for the pics! I am glad I could contribute 🙂
    I would very much like an A3 print. Please contact my email to discuss further.

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