About A Boy

Our sister-in-law, Frances, is nearing the completion of her collecting and coordinating Chris’s colossal accumulation of detailed family history documentation dating back to the 17th century. One gap she and our nephew Peter have identified is a contemporary childhood chronicle of my late brother. Who better, they decided, to create this than the sibling whoContinue reading “About A Boy”

Embarking On Schooldays

CLICK ON IMAGES TO ENLARGE. REPEAT IF REQUIRED. First thing this morning, Jackie drove me to New Milton for me to do some banking. After this she continued with planting and repairing storm damage in the garden where I carried out minimal tidying and dead-heading. This afternoon I worked on the next section of ‘AContinue reading “Embarking On Schooldays”

The Triangle

I spent the morning clearing the garage. First I finished removing the IKEA wardrobes; then garden tools went to the orange shed; then various other items went into the house. There are still a few tidy boxes of items from which younger homemakers may wish to take their pick. Otherwise the room is ready forContinue reading “The Triangle”

Maureen Potter And Plasticine

This morning I took the Kindor Gardens route to South Wimbledon, turned left into Kingston Road, right into Russell Road, left into the Broadway, and back to Links Avenue by the Mostyn Road route. From a balcony in a block of flats in Morden Road, a pair of foxes and their cubs were surveying the  traffic. Continue reading “Maureen Potter And Plasticine”

Miss Downs

Taking advantage of the beautiful weather I walked up to Wimbledon common just before midday with a couple of books and sat reading by the pond in which I’d sailed my boat as a child.  The bench I had chosen was inscribed IN MEMORY OF DOUGLAS WARD CAMPBELL. As always when passing Wimbledon Library, situatedContinue reading “Miss Downs”