Cutting In

Today Nick applied the second coats of paint to the east gable end wall, thus completing this stage of the work.

Cutting in is the term for lining up two levels of paintwork which most people I believe would use masking tape to ensure a smooth line.

As shown in these images Nick uses his hand and eye to produce

this clean line.

Later I began drafting the next section of Legends of the Ring which I expect to publish tomorrow.

This evening we dined on Jackie’s Butter Chicken frozen after our last meal with the Grandfamily and Special Rice and paratha brought back from our recent visit to Rokali’s, with which I finished the Malbec.

Look How He Holds The Brush

This morning we transported another car load of garden refuse and entomological stowaways to the Efford Recycling Centre.

There was no further rain and the day was rather cooler, so Nick was able to make an early start and spend an uninterrupted day

applying the first coat of paint to our east gable end. When I observed how he guided and controlled the brush with his fingers he replied that he didn’t know he was doing it, especially after 40 years.

This evening we dined on chicken Kiev; creamy mashed potatoes; tender spinach and green beans; firm carrots and cauliflower, with which I drank more of the Malbec.

Preparation Rain Delayed

Doing our best to evade the myriad of small fruit flies, tiny ants, and spiders of all shapes and sizes seeking freedom from a sleepover in the garden refuse bags with which we had packed the car yesterday, while the rain which had prevented Nick from his early start on painting preparation began to desist we took a trip to the council dump, now known as Efford Recycling Centre, to unload our green waste.

When the wall is wet, as it was after the rain, there was a limit to how much preparation can be achieved. Nick made a late start but was unable to do a great deal.

Later we packed the car with more bags of garden refuse; Jackie then drove it round to the Back Drive to leave the front for Nick tomorrow.

This evening we dined on meaty pork and chives sausages fried with chestnut mushrooms and onions; creamy mashed potatoes; tender cabbage; crunchy carrots; and pure white firm cauliflower, with tasty gravy. I drank Reserva Privada Chilean Malbec 2022.

Careful Preparation

This morning I published which I finished reading yesterday.

The stiff breeze that sped through the plot on this sunny day was such that I was pleased that Nick Hayter, who, with his customary care, spent several hours preparing the crumbly pebbledash west wall for painting, was working on the lower levels of the scaffolding.

First he removed the old drainpipe that, at an angle, spanned the centre of the wall;

next he scraped off the crumbliest material

and coated the rest with a liquid fungicidal solution.

Jackie had spent the morning completing her clearance of a footpath through the Palm Bed. She had filled two compost bags with debris. After lunch I bagged up more and transported all to the collection on the Back Drive. I had taken my camera in order to photograph the footpath, and was diverted by

a variety of day lilies en route.

This evening we all dined on pork barbecue spare ribs; rice by Jackie and Becky; and Becky’s salad with her own dressing. Mrs Knight drank Hoegaarden; Ian and Dillon, Peroni; and I, All Out 21 Merlot.

Somewhat Disconcerting

With paintbrush and roller, after replenishing some of yesterday’s filling, Nick brought light into our sitting room.

Particularly evident was how he has brightened the ceiling;

the walls also glow.

Unfortunately, with the windows open, a number of wasps buzzed around our decorator’s ears. This was more than somewhat disconcerting, so we supplied him with a fly swat and a spray can containing gas lethal to these creatures.

I read another sizeable chunk of “Eyeless in Gaza”

Late this afternoon we visited Milford Supplies to purchase a new starter for the strip light in the library, then drove on to catch

the sunset at Mudeford harbour.

Other photographers, including the couple on the bench and the woman watched by her faithful hound, had the same idea.

Gulls, as always, reflected on the the calm water in the fading light.

This evening we dined on Jackie’s spicy lamb jalfrezi and cream coloured haldi rice with which she drank Hoegaarden and I drank more of the Faugeres.