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I am a septuagenarian enjoying rambling physically and photographing what I see, and rambling in my head as memories are triggered. I also ramble through a lifetime's photographs

The Official Photographer

Yesterday’s recovery from my knee surgery moved on apace today. My head is so much clearer than it was at this stage last May. Asking me to wiggle my toes, Mr Kask informed me that the operation was straightforward, which is his way of expressing satisfaction.

The physiotherapists were impressed with the amount of flexibility I already have. In both the morning and the afternoon sessions I was able, with the aid of a walking frame, to leave the bed and walk to the wall a very short distance away and back.

At this time Jackie is the Official Photographer, taking the role fulfilled in Dunedin, New Zealand, by Pauline’s daughter, Danella.

This afternoon she captured me loading these two photographs onto WordPress in readiness for this post, completed after her departure. I  am still plugged into an oxygen supply giving me a rather fetching moustache extension. The two oranges in the first picture were left with me by James, a  very pleasant companion who had shared my room for 24 hours.

I think the starter for my evening meal was parsnip soup. This followed by a flavoursome vegetable lasagna will plentiful fresh salad and chips like my mother used to make. I drank water.



Lovely Grub

First, a note about yesterday’s absence, brought about by the demise our Wi Fi router.

I produced a number of photographs which are essential to the post which will have to wait until my return home.

Dawn had not yet arrived when we reported at New Hall Hospital reception for my right knee total replacement. Because I was first on, Jackie stayed until I was led to the theatre, then went home, returned this afternoon, and took

this photograph.

After my first replacement last May, I was pretty groggy and couldn’t eat any of the lovely food.

Very early this evening I really relished flavoursome tomato and basil soup with a warm bread roll; perfectly cooked, well filled, ham omelette with roast new potatoes; and fresh salad; finishing with fine fruit salad. I dank water followed by very good coffee.

Helen Eales’s Artwork

This morning I was engaged in several telephone conversations concerning my second knee replacement operation scheduled for two days time. Ten days or so ago I had been experiencing symptoms of what could have been a urinary tract infection soon after my satisfactory flexible cystoscopy. I understood that the operation could not be undertaken if I had an infection. I had therefore begun taking a series of antibiotics whilst awaiting the testing of a urine sample. Two days ago the result came informing that I had no infection. I stopped taking the tablets. Although the symptoms are still evident they have desisted somewhat. I have now been advised that it should be possible to go ahead with the surgery. Oh, joy.

Another session on ‘A Knight’s Tale’ involved extracting material from ‘Six Leg Byes’ and, including an illustration, from “I’ve Got To Go And Do It for Grandpa”.

In Milford on Sea this afternoon we visited our GP to order a repeat prescription; Sears Barbers for me to have a haircut; and the Community Centre to admire Helen’s pictures on display. The work has only been on the walls for few days, yet we were too late to see one which had already been sold.

Here are ‘Winter Willows Dreams of Warmer Days’ (Pen & Ink and Watercolor) and ‘Humming Bird’ (Watercolour);

‘Humming Bird’ alone;

‘Ferdinand The Frog’ (Watercolour);

‘Dragonfly on Willow’ (Watercolour);

and ‘Cottage Retreat’ (Pen & Ink).

This evening we dined at The Royal Oak where my choice of meal was a perfectly cooked, piled high, mixed grill; Jackie’s was a beef burger in a brioche bun with French fries, equally well cooked. I drank Merlot and Jackie drank Amstell. The pub is only four doors away, but we could have done with being carried home.


Continuing Pages Tutorial

Today I brightened an otherwise dull day with more work on ‘A Knight’s Tale’

Material was gleaned from ‘Fair Isle’, which contains this photograph of Chris, Jacqueline and me, and from ‘Death Of The Brown Velvet Suit’.

Becky continued her Pages tutorial. I do hope I can remember some of it. She left me some notes before she and Ian returned home to Southbourne.

My cousin, Yvonne, sent me a very useful supplement to the Jack and Holly Riskit story, which I have added to the ‘Holly’ post: (This message received from my cousin, Yvonne clarifies the point, with some important additional information: ‘Holly had 2 children before they came to England and they both died. Aunty Ivy was born here but Holly disappeared (presume died but can’t find) not long after. Betty was his second wife. They bought my Dad an engraved christening cup in 1921. I still have it. I also have a pic of Jack, Holly and Betty. Apparently he got hurt at some stage and bought a small theatre which he eventually had to sell before he died. I don’t have immediately to hand but have pics. Best wishes for the New Year to you all….Yvonne)

Jackie and I dined on Mr. Chan’s choice Hordle Chinese Take Away, with which the resting Culinary Queen drank Just The Juice Soave 2017 and I finished the Chateauneuf-du-Pape.

More Than Fifty Years To Go

Today I worked a little more on A Knight’s Tale. I took advantage of Becky’s presence to obtain her help with laying out iMac’s Pages.

Some text was taken from my recent post “Come And Meet My Grandmother”.

I was also able to add this image from Getty Images to my post “Holly”. My great aunt and uncle here perform a different feat. I assume Betty was Holly’s stage name.

I extracted further material from my posts ‘Directions’, ‘Shirley Oaks’, An Attachment To The Gates’, and ‘Meandering Through Soho’.

This image was taken from ‘Shirley Oaks’.

More than fifty years to go.

This evening we dined on Christmas dinner soup followed by turkey, chicken, and bacon pasta bake. Jackie, Becky, and Ian drank Don Cayetano Sauvignon Blanc 2018, and I drank more of the Chateauneuf-du-Pape.

Talking Heads

I may have mentioned that my Canon 70-300mm lens became stuck just before Christmas, and I took it into Wessex Photographic in Ringwood for a quotation. This has come back. The cost is £70 more than a second-hand one the store had in stock. That being a no-brainer, Jackie drove me to replace my older second-hand model with a newer one.

Afterwards we brunched in Café Aroma, and, through their crystal clear plate glass window, I tried out this newly acquired piece of equipment, by photographing


One gentleman vaped outside the smokers’ shelter,

through the transparent sheet of which I photographed some talking heads.

Suitably sated, we continued into the forest where a light frost still lay in patches. Perhaps because we are so near the coast we haven’t yet experienced this.

At North Gorley a saturated area of turf wore white patches beside a pool covered in semi-melted ice. Reflections rested undisturbed on the otherwise limpid surface.

As the leisurely grazing sheep discovered on Cadnam Lane, frost lingered beside the hedges. Perhaps the equine droppings among the ovine diners had been left by

the string of stubby ponies following their relatively gigantic grey leader down the road. One forlorn little fellow just couldn’t keep up,

until its companions paused for refreshments.

A motley array of cuddly creatures clambered over a farm gate in an endeavour to escape the peacocks within.

On our way home we noticed that The Bell at Bank has a rather cheeky event coming up on 25th January

Jackie said she felt like another Christmas dinner today, so she produced roast chicken; Yorkshire pudding; roast potatoes and parsnips; moist bread sauce; firm sage and onion stuffing; and crunchy carrots and cauliflower. Becky drank Diet Coke, and I drank Famille Perrin Chateauneuf-du-Pape 2016. Ian wasn’t feeling well. Maybe he will eat later.

Feeding The Birds

This afternoon Jackie and I drove to Hatchet Pond where

a small family were enjoying feeding the birds. Turns were taken to carry the youngest child, while another delighted in tossing the bread.

As always, the gulls, on the bank and in the air, squabbled over the crumbs.

A pair of persistent donkeys silently clamoured for their share. There is nothing more insistent than an animal fixing you with a still and patiently pleading expression.

A couple of cormorants on the far side of the lake were more interested in fish.

Ian returned later in the afternoon and we all dined on Jackie’s splendid pasta Bolognese sprinkled with grated parmesan cheese. Jackie and Ian finished the Chardonnay, while Becky and I consumed the last of the Malbec.