Well Wound-Up

Here are some of the piles of patio rubble awaiting the arrival of a skip to remove them. The low concrete wall at the perimeter will be removed and replaced by sleepers which Martin will source. In the meantime he has focussed on the Rose Garden. As the water fountain is powered by a solarContinue reading “Well Wound-Up”

All Will Become Clear

Ellie has a favourite position when clinging to her mother: she pivots her right arm inwards at the elbow and curls up the fingers behind her. Yesterday I photographed the phenomenon. This morning Martin removed most of the last of the patio paving and will need to hire a skip to take it all awayContinue reading “All Will Become Clear”

Rhinefield Ornamental Drive

We had intended to photograph Beechern wood on our forest drive today. This has been one of our regular trips. It was a shock to find a locked gate across the road forbidding access to non-members of the Caravan Site at the far end. The woman approaching the Forestry Commission gate had left the camperContinue reading “Rhinefield Ornamental Drive”

Black Swans

Our friend, Paul Soren posted a picture yesterday that I said I thought would make a good screensaver. This morning Jackie took me on a forest drive. We began with the woodland alongside Bisterne Close where the soft forest floor alongside contained dry acorn cups, fallen branches and crisp autumn leaves, clustered beneath long decayingContinue reading “Black Swans”

Family History

With my Chauffeuse out shopping today I finished reading The front cover of my Virago Modern Classics edition, Number 234 of 1986, shows “The Opera Cloak” by William Strang. The back cover contains the publisher’s accurate blurb on the novel, after the last page of which is this description of the history and aims ofContinue reading “Family History”

An Old Cart Revisited

Today we brunched at which was undergoing work on the roof as we arrived. I first featured their ancient farm cart in https://derrickjknight.com/2020/09/11/do-not-climb/ Here are some more details from this visit. With its injunction warning customers against climbing on this vehicle of a past age, it lies alongside the car park, its wooden boards slowlyContinue reading “An Old Cart Revisited”

Ever Increasing Circles

The overnight gales offered us a brief respite this morning, during which the sun was permitted an appearance and the rain lessened. This was not to last, but we were fortunate for a time during which we ventured into the forest. A dip in the landscape as we head towards Burley from Holmsley Passage, dryContinue reading “Ever Increasing Circles”

“Where Did That Come From?”

Regular readers will know that Martin, our skilled and knowledgeable garden helper works in all kinds of weather. Current renewed gales were, however, enough to keep him away today. When Flo and Ellie returned from two weeks with Becky and Ian we were struck by how animated and engaged she had become in that shortContinue reading ““Where Did That Come From?””