The Great Gatsby

This morning I finished reading of which the above is the title page and the frontispiece; and next the front boards and spine. Tim Andrews has provided a knowledgeable and insightful introduction in which he states that ‘Fitzgerald’s fascination with the very rich and his concern with their corruptive and destructive power had been treatedContinue reading “The Great Gatsby”


After lunch I posted Later I finished reading The beautifully flowing descriptive writing in this short novel reveals the true calling of this precocious poet. The elegantly simple prose is packed with details of place, people, and events. There is no excessive padding. The introspective nature of the author is reflected in the emotionalContinue reading “Predestination”

‘Bleak House’ Comes To The End

Last night I finished reading my Folio Society edition of ‘Bleak House’ By Charles Dickens. First published in instalments from March 1852 to August 1853, this is a superb novel from a writer at the peak of his powers. As is my wont I will not provide details of the story which other readers mayContinue reading “‘Bleak House’ Comes To The End”


This afternoon I posted Later, I read more of ‘Bleak House’ and scanned three more of the inimitable Charle Keeping’s illustrations to my Folio Society edition. ‘She fell down on her knees’ ‘Mr Grubble was standing at the door to his tavern’ ‘Not only was the portrait there, but we found the original thereContinue reading “Multitasking”

In The Nursery Field

Yesterday I received an e-mail stating that the probate grant application has been approved and I should receive it in 10 working days. This morning I scanned six more of Charles Keeping’s excellent illustrations to my Folio Society edition of ‘Bleak House’. ‘Mrs Jellyby, in the midst of a voluminous correspondence’ ‘She sat on aContinue reading “In The Nursery Field”

A Dream Of Horrible Faces

Jackie and I spent the morning reminiscing with Becky while her daughter caught up with jet-lagged sleep. After lunch I printed out a 15 page application form for Flo’s registration with our GP. I then sent Paul Clarke larger images of Margery from our recent exchange. The first photograph was taken by Rachel Adams forContinue reading “A Dream Of Horrible Faces”


This afternoon I posted Jackie is feeling rather better today, but we thought it wise to stay indoors. I read more of ‘Bleak House’ and scanned another set of the inimitable Charles Keeping’s illustrations to my Folio Society edition. ‘Mr Snagsby at his door’ ‘ ‘Don’t leave the cat there’ ‘ ‘My Lady lounges’Continue reading “Inimitable”

“It’s The Second Of March Today”

Another drizzle day, and Jackie’s cold, kept us inside today. One of the consequences of retirement for me is that I often don’t know what the date is. That is my excuse for what follows, and I am sticking to it. When I descended from our bedroom this morning I found this photograph had beenContinue reading ““It’s The Second Of March Today””

A Touch Of The Sun

This morning I finished reading my Folio Society edition of ‘Great Expectations’ by Charles Dickens. I will adhere to my normal practice of not giving away the story, despite its great reputation. The book is very well crafted, displaying a number of developing relationships in a young man’s transition from humble origins to gentrification. ThereContinue reading “A Touch Of The Sun”