Flickering Advertisements

Flo's jewellery making kitYesterday Flo arrived with her jewellery making kit. Already an international on-line tutor in Na’vi, the language invented for James Cameron’s film ‘Avatar’, she has just set herself up Beadwork by NeytiriBracelet by NeytiriChoker by Neytiriin business making tasteful pieces from natural materials.
This morning Becky, Ian, and I went shopping in Milford on Sea, where we had coffee and cakes in Inger-Lise’s excellent cafe.
Jackie weeded a new bed. When I returned I was of almost imperceptible assistance.
Because I play it most days, I haven’t mentioned the on-line word game Lexulous before. I transferred to this after the disastrous Mattel takeover of Scrabble. Both games are plagued by advertisements that interrupt them. In Lexulous the advertisements flicker in order to engage your attention until you have played your turn. Only today did Jackie come up with a useful idea, which was to place a post-it note on the screen obscuring the offending flashing lights. Others of the advertisements are down-right lies, informing you that your computer is about to crash or is overheating. Mattel’s Scrabble offers you ad-free games provided you are prepared to pay for the privilege.
Today Becky, as she often does, helped me with a PC solution. She introduced me to the free application Ad Blocker +, and installed it on my computer. Now I am ad free. If any of my friends who have given up the struggle against the frantic flashing are reading this, you may wish to come back.
This evening, there having been vast quantities prepared, we dined as we had done yesterday. I finished the wine and Ian drank Hoegaarden.
Ian's cross