Park Life Part 2

Ceramic pigeons

On the decking an unusual new pair of pigeons glistened in this morning’s drizzle,


which bejewelled ornamental grasses alongside the Phantom Path.

Rose Just Joey

Heavier rain had spattered rose Just Joey with up-tossed soil.

Tom Jones’s parents had featured in the last of yesterday’s scans of Park Life prints from 20th July 1996. Now a teacher himself, he co-starred in the next scene:Park Life 20.7.96018Park Life 20.7.96019

Park Life 20.7.96021Park Life 20.7.96022

Even lollies didn’t detract from audience rapture,

Park Life 20.7.96023

although Jessica, in the centre background, had spotted something to divert her attention,

Park Life 20.7.96025

which she then conveyed to Jane Keeler.

Park Life 20.7.96027

Care was on hand to administer a puffer to a young lady who had perhaps become overexcited.

Park Life 20.7.96020Park Life 20.7.96028Park Life 20.7.96029Park Life 20.7.96030Park Life 20.7.96031Park Life 20.7.96032Park Life 20.7.96033Park Life 20.7.96034Park Life 20.7.96026Park Life 20.7.96035Park Life 20.7.96036Park Life 20.7.96037Park Life 20.7.96038Barry, of New Forest Chimney Sweep and Repairs, visited on time, to sweep the chimney and check on its condition. It will come as no surprise to anyone who has read about the general maintenance of Old Post House under the previous ownership, that the sweep extracted 65 litres of soot, and pronounced a relining, although not essential, to be advisable. He would be unable to do that until the Spring. He left our sitting room spotless.

This evening we dined on Jackie’s classic chicken jalfrezi, pilau rice, and vegetable samosas, followed by mango Soleros. I drank Kumala reserve shiraz 2013. Jackie and Ian chose Kingfisher, and Becky a Grenache rose 2014.