A Family Pic

Just as we joined the queue for the recycling centre, heavy rain which was to continue throughout the day set in. We therefore got a bit wet unloading two large container bags of  garden refuse.

This afternoon I printed some photographs for Frances and her family. They were taken on a Samsung phone and e-mailed to me.

Fiona, Frances, Peter, Paul & Michael

I began with the full image of Frances with Fiona, Peter, Paul, and Michael;

Fiona, Frances, Peter, Paul & Michael

then cropped it to take out a distracting light and glass of red wine.

There are sets of each for each of them.

This afternoon Jackie drove me to O2 at Christchurch to attempt to resolve ongoing signal problems. I really can’t be bothered to go into detail on this, save to say that on leaving the store I understood all to be well, and discovered afterwards that it wasn’t. I couldn’t face it again today.

Back at home I finished reading ‘Decider’ by Dick Francis. A former colleague once gave me a heap of books which I think must be this author’s complete works. I have therefore read many and found them all excellent. This was one of the best. As thoroughly researched as usual, one feels that the writer knows all about building, architecture, and explosives, as well as horse-racing. The prose flows easily; dialogue and characterisation are good; interest is held, and the pace of this mystery thriller builds slowly into a crescendo, with all appropriate ends tied up in the last couple of chapters.

This evening we dined on Jackie’s luscious lamb jalfrezi, egg fried rice, and parathas. I drank more of the syrah.