You Provide The Dialogue


Fulbeck Hall (Mary Fry in doorway)

In February 1993 Jessica attended a class in porcelain restoration at Fulbeck Hall in Grantham. This was the home of her friend, Mary Fry. Mary stands in the doorway of the house. The tutor was Anna Hackett, a mutual friend. I fear that the negatives of these images have been permanently lost, so today’s scans are of the colour prints.

Items for repair

Decorative plates, cups,

Porcelain class item for repair

and delicate dishes all needed the expert attention,

Repair kit

of those able to handle these materials.


The expression of this Japanese gentleman appears to have frozen when he lost his hand.

Jessica painting ceramic 1Jessica painting ceramic 2

With the use of a mounted magnifying glass, Jessica painted an elaborate rococo piece.

Jessica examining tile

Here she examines a small chip.

Anna Hackett at work 1

Anna selects a brush with which to touch up a large blue and white jug.

Anna Hackett at work 3Anna Hackett at work 4

 I am not sure what she is doing with this tool.

Ceramic student 1

Another student shares a joke;

Anna Hackett at work 5

Anna Hackett at work 6Anna Hackett at work 7

Anna turns her careful attention to a beautifully painted urn;

Broken ceramic dog

then came a rather perplexing challenge

Anna Hackett, Mary Fry, and broken ceramic dog

which gave rise to a forgotten conversation.

Mary Fry and broken ceramic dog

Can you provide the dialogue between Anna and Mary?

The opening photograph of Fulbeck Hall is one of a set I produced for Mary’s promotional brochure. I will feature the rest tomorrow.

This evening we dined on highly spiced marinaded spare ribs, wild rice and peas, and spring rolls. I drank Mendoza Parra Alta malbec 2017.