A Clear View

Jackie weeding rose garden

Until the rain set in this afternoon, we were able to make good headway on weeding the rose garden which, of course,

Kitchen gardenhad not existed at this time last year, when it was little changed from this shot of 6th June 2014. On the left, in front of the shed, is the Waterboy, featured yesterday, as found.

This afternoon we delivered the last of the exhibition flyers, to

Forest Arts Centre

Forest Arts Centre in Old Milton,

St Barbe Museum

to the St Barbe Museum and Arts Centre in Lymington,

Milford on Sea Community Centre

and to Milford on Sea Community Centre.

From Milford, Jackie drove us down to the coast where,

Silhouettes through windscreen

despite the rain battering the windscreen,

Isle of Wight and The Needles

there was a remarkably clear view of the Isle of Wight and The Needles with their lighthouse.

This evening Hordle Chinese Take Away provided our dinner. As always, the set meal for two will cater for tomorrow as well. Jackie drank Hoegaarden while I finished the madiran.