No Pictures On This Post

Our boiler repair was short-lived. Once more it is not working. This time there is no light on the reset button. Another visit will happen at 8.30 a.m. on Monday.

Later this morning Richard of Kitchen Makers sealed the leak in the kitchen tap now that his suppliers have sent him the correct fittings.

Regular readers will know that I have only been able to post pictures from August to December with generous time and help given by SueW of Nan’s Farm. I have e-mailed the images and she has returned them as links for embedding. They don’t work with the new site, so we are adding them to the relevant posts which I first place in the WP media file; last night I completed that of 31st October and this afternoon of 30th – working backwards.

After lunch I posted

Elizabeth visited this afternoon, bringing two oil-filled radiators, and stayed for dinner which consisted of Jackie’s tasty and wholesome chicken and vegetable stewp with flavoursome garlic bread. No beverages were required.