No Pictures On This Post

Our boiler repair was short-lived. Once more it is not working. This time there is no light on the reset button. Another visit will happen at 8.30 a.m. on Monday.

Later this morning Richard of Kitchen Makers sealed the leak in the kitchen tap now that his suppliers have sent him the correct fittings.

Regular readers will know that I have only been able to post pictures from August to December with generous time and help given by SueW of Nan’s Farm. I have e-mailed the images and she has returned them as links for embedding. They don’t work with the new site, so we are adding them to the relevant posts which I first place in the WP media file; last night I completed that of 31st October and this afternoon of 30th – working backwards.

After lunch I posted

Elizabeth visited this afternoon, bringing two oil-filled radiators, and stayed for dinner which consisted of Jackie’s tasty and wholesome chicken and vegetable stewp with flavoursome garlic bread. No beverages were required.


  1. I don’t understand why you can’t upload photos, Derrick. You did recently. There are advantages and disadvantages to using WP on the .com side but you are self-hosted now I guess.

    1. Thanks a lot, John. It is only the period between August and December when the site was being transferred that we are having to work on. We will get there

  2. Glad something got fixed for you. Tough luck about the boiler and the picture loading. Even your legendary patience and goodwill must be getting worn.

  3. I’m sorry your heater is not working–again. I hope someone fixes it so that it stays fixed.
    I don’t really understand about the photos, but I hope you get that and the heater sorted.

  4. Hi Derrick. I haven’t been able to upload images directly through WordPress for years because I had used up all my space. The next level was professional and I didn’t need or want any of the extras from that level except the storage space for photos. WordPress actually recommended that I try using imgBB and it’s worked well for me. Here is the link:

    1. That is interesting, with a useful link, Carole, but I think we are getting there with Peacocks managing the site for me

    2. I always recommend down sizing pictures. I find that a blog post does not really require a big hungry picture file. Periodically I will go back to the beginning and delete unnecessary pictures altogether.

  5. Technology is wonderful – if does what we want. Sometimes I wish I can just say to the computer “put this photo on this post below the first paragraph” and “now place a gallery of photos using a b c and d under the 2nd paragraph formatting a and d in landscape.” Now that will be wonderful. πŸ™‚

  6. Oh no! I hope they are able to finally fix the problem on Monday! That on top of leaky faucets and WP problems. I am glad Elizabeth brought the oil type space heaters. They work well and should help keep you and Jackie warm.

  7. You sure have met your share of challenges lately. Thanks to Elizabeth for bringing the radiators. Sending hopes and prayers for warmth and easier pictures.

  8. Oh gosh, Derrick, these boilers problems must be so trying. And the blog problems equally. I’m so glad that you are persevering. Hope you’re all still smiling – albeit wrapped in copious layers!

  9. Firstly, Thank you very much for your kind acknowledgement.

    I think a few of your readers mistakenly thought you were unable load pictures today.
    When things go wrong on the domestic front, the time to do other things is lessened.

    I chose the wrong day yesterday to bombard you with new ideas didn’t I? Apologies for that.

    Oh dear! The boiler and tank appear to be following in our footsteps. We had a fix that worked only for a short time. On each each visit there was so much gunge to clear out. The pump was ruined and needed replacing, but the water in the tank continued to do damage and as you know we needed to have tank drained, the oil filtered and a new tank fitted.
    My fingers are crossed that the boiler gets fixed on Monday. We were lucky that it was late autumn and unseasonably warmer than usual.

    1. Thank you so much, Sue. You always respond so quickly there was bound to be a time when I couldn’t deal with something. XX

  10. Ignore this Derrick.
    I am using the other computer, and while Google has no problems. I need to write this comment while using Firefox so that I can instruct it to accept popups from your site. Once I’ve done this, the browser will stop blocking my comments.

  11. Oh no! I hope you’ll solve the heating problem soon! Also the WP one ? I hope I’ll be able to see your posts in the reader soon ☺️

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