Hanging Around Part 2


For once I have not featured my archive material on a rainy day post, for I had yesterday’s images from Margery’s exhibition that I had not had time to upload last night.


As will be seen from this front page of the promotional leaflet, ‘Hanging Around’ is a prelude to an important exhibition next spring.


I featured a photographic portrait of the artist in ‘Hanging Around Part 1’. The leaflet contains a pen picture.


Here are visiting details for those fortunate enough to be within striking distance.

With work going on around me, I photographed a few of the works at random.

Handmade books

It is only three or four years ago that my sister, Liz Keenan, taught Margery to create handmade books, and she has brought her own stamp to them.

Painting 1

The wonkiness of these images is nothing to do with the hangers, but is all the responsibility of the photographer. Since the pictures had mostly not yet been labelled, I cannot give the titles, but most tell their own story. Margery’s sensitivity shines out of this one that leaves the viewer to supply the subject’s thoughts, which will probably reflect their own.

Cyclist painting

The Cyclist appears in one of the artist’s small rectangular formats, and amply displays her renowned humour.

Friends painting

We smile with Margery at these two friends staggering home from their hostelry.

Painting 2

Clarke is equally at home with a large scene, making full use of its space.

Painting 3

The year before Margery painted these dancing nuns in 1964, the Belgian Dominican Sister Luc Gabriel, known to us as the Singing Nun, recorded this hit:

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=n295hjktHD0&w=560&h=315]

Was our friend influenced by this, I wonder? (See Paul’s comment below; and his longer one describing the influences of other pictures)

Painting 4

Even garbage collectors are represented with a sense of fun. How is he going to pick up his lid?

Painting 5

High Steps appears in the leaflet;

Painting 7

as does Pub Interior, displaying the artist’s innate sense of composition and perspective.

Painting 6

It looks as if a joyful greeting is taking place here.

Painting 8Painting 11Painting 12

Margery is also capable of dramatic landscapes;

Painting 9

and grand scenes like Assembling In The Square.

Painting 12

She enjoys musical themes

Painting 10

and a chuckle is never far away.

This evening we dined on Jackie’s excellent chilli con carne with rice and peas, followed by lemon meringue pie ice cream. We both drank sparkling water.