Still Hanging Around

This post is the one I wrote but seem to have failed to send yesterday, 17th February 2017. CLICK ON IMAGES TO ENLARGE. THOSE IN THE LARGE GROUPS ACCESS A GALLERY THAT CAN BE VIEWED FULL SIZE. Yesterday evening Jackie, Elizabeth and I visited Southampton City Art Gallery for a preview of: Still Hanging Around:Continue reading “Still Hanging Around”

Hanging Around Part 2

CLICK ON IMAGES TO ENLARGE. REPEAT IF REQUIRED. For once I have not featured my archive material on a rainy day post, for I had yesterday’s images from Margery’s exhibition that I had not had time to upload last night. As will be seen from this front page of the promotional leaflet, ‘Hanging Around’ isContinue reading “Hanging Around Part 2”

Hanging Around Part 1

CLICK ON IMAGES TO ENLARGE. REPEAT IF REQUIRED. Although Aaron has been promised a sturdy third-hand greenhouse for us, the Head Gardener is determined to get some use out of two flimsy flat-packed garden centre apologies for the items that she bought but didn’t use last year. She placed them in the shelter of aContinue reading “Hanging Around Part 1”

Waiting In The Wings

This morning Margery and Paul came to visit, see the house and garden, and bring me a picture I had purchased from them on 28th June. Our friends were duly impressed with the house and garden. Margery, who has read all about our labours on this blog, thought everything was even more beautiful than sheContinue reading “Waiting In The Wings”

Work In Progress

Anyone interested in the family likeness aspect of yesterday’s post may like to look at the postscript and enlarged section of the school photograph I added this morning, following Becky’s observation.  I think it is staggering. Tomorrow The Firs opens its doors to the public.  This morning we drove there with the cards and toContinue reading “Work In Progress”

A Margery Clarke Original

The Castle Malwood Card Making Factory is in production.  A very pleasant morning was spent producing forty seven cards from the pictures I printed a few days ago.  I print the photos and inscribe the finished cards after Jackie has Pritt sticked them onto blanks bought from Hobbycraft.  This has the benefit of her sometimesContinue reading “A Margery Clarke Original”

The Stump

Between showers today we got quite a bit of planting done.  We managed to insert three different varieties of fuchsia; a centranthus; phlox; two types of lingularia; various cranesbill geraniums; nasturtiums; two heliotrope; comfrey; two companula and a verbascum, all under the guidance of Jackie who has masterminded the garden design, building on Elizabeth’s originalContinue reading “The Stump”


This morning’s dominant bird calls at The Firs were of wood pigeons; those without a mate crying ‘uni-ted’, and those happily paired off ‘take two cows taffy, take two cows’. I worked on tidying the bed inside the concrete ring and digging over a bed outlined earlier in the year. The combination of gardening, myContinue reading “Prescience?”