Watching Sport And Dead-Heading

Very early this morning I watched recorded highlights of the first two days of the current Test cricket match between England and India. One rose I tend to delay dead-heading is Félicite Perpetue, of which we have two abundant examples. Today I could find not even the slightest reason for procrastination. Here is the splendidContinue reading “Watching Sport And Dead-Heading”

Umbrellas And Multi-Ocular Devices

CLICK ON IMAGES TO ENLARGE. REPEAT IF REQUIRED. Early on this grey, overcast, morning, Jackie drove us to Lymington and back to buy a birthday present. Upon leaving the house I decided I had not published enough photographs of the front garden. I therefore focussed on these lilies flanking bronze fennel flowers; fuchsia Sir MattContinue reading “Umbrellas And Multi-Ocular Devices”

The Headbutt

CLICK ON IMAGES TO ENLARGE. REPEAT IF REQUIRED Here is a lace cap hydrangea in our front garden. This morning, Jackie drove us to Eyeworth Pond and back. This lies beyond the Royal Oak at Fritham. A group of friendly teenagers perched on a bank. Behind them was a carpet of waterlilies. The group were veryContinue reading “The Headbutt”

Raindrops On Roses

I began the morning by pasting the next series of photographs into the garden album. I have now reached the end of The North Breeze Boundary section. On another wet day we went driveabout before lunch. First trip was to the bank to make a transfer for cleaning in Sigoules. We drove on to Efford RecyclingContinue reading “Raindrops On Roses”

The Fender

The garden looked glorious in the morning light. In fact the morning glories lived up to their name. It was difficult to remember that the newly created bed through which runs the head gardener’s path was a jungle of bramble and overgrown shrubs completely obscuring the fence behind, on which were trained unseen clematises andContinue reading “The Fender”

A Good Read

Much of the day was spent continuing with the filling of the bookshelves. By the time we had finished last night we were both under the impression that we hadn’t been out that day. We’d both forgotten the mere four hours spent on the IKEA trip which we had in our minds relegated to the dayContinue reading “A Good Read”