Say “Bye”

I woke later than usual this morning. As I passed our upstairs windows soon after 7 a.m. I spied Jackie standing with a camera at the far end of the garden. She was taking advantage of the early morning light, which was just as well for the first three images in particular. Titles, as usual,Continue reading “Say “Bye””

The War Of Canudos

Yesterday evening, after dinner, Jackie attempted to turn off the extractor fan. She pulled the cord. Something snapped inside. To reach it I had to climb up on a chair. Fortunately the glass spice jar I knocked off the top of a tower of shelves didn’t break. I fiddled around and found a screw underContinue reading “The War Of Canudos”

The UK Citizenship Test

2.9.14 Early this morning I wandered around Sigoules. Despite the fact that the last few days have been gloriously sunny, yesterday was the official ending of summer in France. Today the children returned, surprisingly eagerly, to school. They were certainly not, as Shakespeare put it, ‘creeping like snail unwillingly’. Signalling autumn, the low sun castContinue reading “The UK Citizenship Test”

The Fender

The garden looked glorious in the morning light. In fact the morning glories lived up to their name. It was difficult to remember that the newly created bed through which runs the head gardener’s path was a jungle of bramble and overgrown shrubs completely obscuring the fence behind, on which were trained unseen clematises andContinue reading “The Fender”

Every One A Winner

I photographed on commission this morning.  Jackie would like to make a card depicting a trio of Morning Glories.  She has several plants, but just one produced the required threesome today. Cottagers Lane in Hordle is a gorgeous tree-lined road, today dappled in the sunlight.  A house we had seen on a website led us there.Continue reading “Every One A Winner”

She Was Indispensable

Bidding farewell to Jackie’s Morning Glory, after she delivered me to Southampton I boarded the train for Waterloo for a last weekend’s packing before the final removal from Sutherland Place.  Not a journey you want to make on a hot Saturday morning.  Had a woman, who was leaving the train in a few minutes at Winchester,Continue reading “She Was Indispensable”