The Headbutt


Lace cap hydrangea

Here is a lace cap hydrangea in our front garden.

This morning, Jackie drove us to Eyeworth Pond and back. This lies beyond the Royal Oak at Fritham.

Teenagers on bank 1Teenagers on bank 2

A group of friendly teenagers perched on a bank.

Water Lilies

Behind them was a carpet of waterlilies.

Teenagers on bank 3

The group were very happy to have their photograph taken. I gave them the blog details and said they were welcome to take copies. (I hope you enjoy them, folks.)

There was not as much avian activity here as there had been during nest-building time, but I did manage to catch

Blue tit 1Blue tit 2Blue tit 3

blue tits,


a chaffinch,

Duck and chicks

and a duck steering her two ducklings around the pond.

Someone had left birdseed on a gatepost. This was quite handy for photography.

The chaffinch stepped so gingerly on the gravel that it reminded me of

Becky 8.72

Becky at Iwade in August 1972.

Ponies 1

As I concentrated on the ungainly chaffinch a clattering behind me alerted me to a fast-moving string of ponies passing along the path.

Ponies 2

After a while they returned. One, in the foreground here, laid claim to a clump of bracken.

Pony headbutt

Others who dared approach were given the evil eye, squeaked, and backed off. Just as I was about to focus on its gentle orb, the bravest was given a resounding headbutt by the creature with the mouthful of ferns. The assailant really batted the victim. There was a resounding crack, the hopeful horse staggered off, and I was relieved not to have been noticed.

This evening we dined on Mr Pink’s fish and chips, pickled gherkins and pickled onions. I finished the Côtes du Rhône.


  1. I have always wondered what those hydrangeas were called! and after reading about characters seeing chaffinch and blue tits, it was nice to see what they are! We have nothing like that here. Glad I missed the head butt. Yipes.

    1. I looked up ‘Bracken and Horses’ and discovered that it is not good for them, eaten to excess it can cause ‘Bracken staggers’ and ultimately death! so maybe the nasty pony will get her come uppance and she has saved another pony from the ‘staggers’.

  2. I liked the hikers, so friendly and I am sure you make friends easily, Derrick. You were a hiker and runner, still do a lot of activities. . . I also love the hydrangea with its lacy look and deeper purple center. The birds are my favorites, being partial to them. I liked your 1972 photograph inserted here, Becky watching her step and also looking like she was on a mission! 🙂

  3. What lovely photographs Derrick and the teenagers look so cute! I think you ought to send the one with the bird and the blue background to NatGeo. It’s an incredibly beautiful photograph. I love the hydrangea and water lilies too

  4. Lovely pictures, Derrick. 🙂 I love the hydrangea and the blue tits are such cute looking birds! I think I’d still well back from that pony, as well!

  5. I laughed at your title. Getting head butted by a horse is probably a lot scarier and more painful, so it’s good you stayed out of it. The birds are lovely.

  6. I’ve never seen a blue tit or a chaffinch before. They are beautiful birds. We love songbirds and have a lot in our yard but I really like the colors on those 2 birds you show. Also, it’s funny how animals just wander all over the place where you live.

  7. I love those hydrangeas … I might have to acquire one for the garden. Eyeworth pond looks a very pleasant spot – good to see some youngsters enjoying the outdoors. This is quite a quiet time for birds – many are skulking in the bushes and moulting at this time of year so you’ve done well to capture some action. It’s always lovely to see the ponies, even if some of them are behaving badly!

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