Trowelling And Hawking

On another day on which rivulets slalomed among raindrops on window panes, Martin Paulley, master plasterer, completed his post- Kitchen Makers refurbishment work on our walls.

Having laid the foundation undercoat two days ago, Martin spent his time smoothing and cleaning the surfaces.

After mixing his plaster,

always keeping his tools clean,

he made two applications of the final coat by means of his

variously shaped trowels and hawk,

cleaning up the edges with water-loaded paintbrushes.

The hawk is a flat board with a short handle that can be held in one hand to carry the mixed material to the wall. The other hand is then used to apply this to the required surface, with the appropriate flat trowel.

Martin kept everything clean and tidy, although it appears that his photographer may have trodden in some plaster on a dust sheet and spread it about a bit.

This evening we dined on Jackie’s savoury rice topped with omelette, and tempura prawns with Sweet Chilli sauce. The Culinary Queen drank Hoegaarden while I drank more of the ComtĂ© Tolosan Rouge.