Trowelling And Hawking

On another day on which rivulets slalomed among raindrops on window panes, Martin Paulley, master plasterer, completed his post Kitchen Makers refurbishment work on our walls. Having laid the foundation undercoat two days ago, Martin spent his time smoothing and cleaning the surfaces. After mixing his plaster, always keeping his tools clean, he made twoContinue reading “Trowelling And Hawking”

Full PPE

This afternoon we joined Elizabeth and Danni at Woodpeckers for a visit to Mum. Pre-Christmas limited four-fold family visits have been arranged by Colten Care. On arrival we were issued with the usual forms explaining who we are with our temperature recorded. We were also required to sanitise our hands and don face masks, gloves,Continue reading “Full PPE”

The Age Of Chivalry

CLICK ON IMAGES TO ENLARGE. REPEAT IF REQUIRED Today began with leaden skies and raindrops on windows. Even owls, dripped on from branches above,  peered enviously inside. Late this afternoon, when the rain had desisted somewhat, we took a car load of rubbish, that we had ourselves recycled once or twice already, to Efford RecyclingContinue reading “The Age Of Chivalry”