Keeping Pulls No Punches

On a cold and drizzly day we did not mind having to stay in for Ronan of Tom Sutton Heating who came to service our boiler. I posted This afternoon I scanned the next four of Charles Keeping’s powerful illustrations to “A Tale of Two Cities” in which he pulls no punches. ‘Such awfulContinue reading “Keeping Pulls No Punches”

A Greasy Spoon

Barry, of New Forest Chimney Sweeping and Repairs continued today with his work on our kitchen extension roof. Painstakingly he removed the spent lead flashing and prepared the surfaces for the replacement material. Only when he was satisfied that he had firm bases did he begin to lay the new lead. This is tough workContinue reading “A Greasy Spoon”

Apart From Bombs And Stuff

With the aid of a printout of “Don’t Panic!”, SueW, Weekly Prompts superb First Guide to the Blocks Editor printed two days ago, I spent some time this morning trying to understand rather than stumble through WP’s new scourge. Sue likens it to a modern washing machine which has loads of options that most of usContinue reading “Apart From Bombs And Stuff”

Gracing The Back Drive

The weather today was overcast and cold, but mostly dry. A wander round the garden seemed to be in order. The upstairs windows gave me a new perspective in which the rescued red Japanese maple gapes in awe across and above to the majestic copper beech; I could look down on the gazebo clematis; andContinue reading “Gracing The Back Drive”

A Diner And A Restaurant

CLICK ON ANY IMAGE FOR ENLARGEMENT, WHICH MAY BE REPEATED Ronan and Mark, our heating engineers from Tom Sutton Heating have almost completed their installation of our new system. Jackie and I decided to leave them to it and to visit the splendid Walkford Diner for brunch. My choice was the Mega (£8.80). I couldn’tContinue reading “A Diner And A Restaurant”

Well Worth The Effort

CLICK ON ANY IMAGE FOR ENLARGEMENT. REPEAT FOR FURTHER DETAIL Regular readers may have noticed that it is some months since we enjoyed a brunch at The Beach Hut Café on the promenade at Friars Cliff. That is because I have been unable to make the trip down from the clifftop car park. The firstContinue reading “Well Worth The Effort”