From Pastel Paper To I.T. Tools

One of the consequences of our decluttering has been the discovery forgotten pictures stuffed in a cupboard.

Forty years ago when we had no internet, no computer, no digital cameras – just pencils, pastels, paint and drawing paper; when my hand was steady and I could sit out on Tooting Bec Common,

I produced this woodland scene.

It is too big for my scanner, so I tackled the task of reproducing it to some extent on my mobile phone. This took some considerable time. I am sure someone more skilled would make a better job of it, but at least it served the purpose of forcing me to get my head around the process as far as I was able. Maybe I will render a more accurate image one day.

Early this evening Becky returned home to Southbourne, after which we dined on Jackie’s flavoursome penne Bolognese and firm broccoli with which she drank Hoegaarden and I drank more of the Malbec.

P.S. My friend SueW has straightened the painting. Thank you, Sue.