Surgery For Little People

A predicted thunderstorm splattering the patio paving prompted postponement of plans to follow this year’s Bisterne Scarecrow Trail this afternoon, and Jackie to gather together her sewing kits and a set of knitted dolls which, after thirty-odd years were now missing a few stitches.

My mother made several sets of Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs over the years for various grandchildren.

This one has been donated by Danni via Ella to Ellie. Those with the more obvious need for surgery are lying at the head of the queue.

The initial diagnosis was that five needed intervention. For each one,

having selected the most suitable ligatures for the operation,

Jackie needed to thread each appropriate colour in turn.

She then worked her way through the patients

displaying them for presentation to our great-granddaughter when she is deemed old enough to cuddle them.

This evening for dinner we repeated yesterday’s beef pie meal with the addition of boiled new potatoes; we each finished the respective beverages we had enjoyed then.